New Mercedes C-Class Allegedly Coming To 2020 Paris Motor Show -

We are patiently waiting for Mercedes to unveil the all-new S-Class flagship, but in the meantime, work will well underway at the next installment of what used to be the company’s entry-level car. The C-Class in W206 guise has been spotted multiple times already, and rumor has it the lineup will be expanded to include an Audi A4 Allroad-rivaling All-Terrain serving as an SUV-inspired variant of the conventional wagon. Now, a new report published by Motoring alleges we will see the revamped C-Class in about a year from today as Mercedes is allegedly planning to unveil the premium sedan at the Paris Motor Show. Well, the Daimler company will likely push the W206 further upmarket now that the A-Class Sedan serves as the base sedan in the company’s range and the CLA is much fancier than before. The Audi A4 competitor will apparently get some S-Class-sourced technologies, an inline-six powering the C53 model, better electric range for the plug-in hybrids, and a pure EV derivative. A massive touchscreen in the same vein as the new S is apparently on the menu, and so is a plug-in hybrid powertrain for the AMG C63. Like it or not, these traditional sports sedans and wagons are about to be electrified as Audi. Source: