What's the best second-hand vehicle for towing a horse trailer? - Horsetalk

I used to occasionally road test second-hand cars and, to be honest, I got far more feedback from those stories than I ever did with a new-car test. I guess that shows that most of us buy our cars on the second-hand market. Vehicles have, of course, moved on from the 1980s, but I’ve maintained an interest in motoring matters, although I can’t say I’ve driven every new-car offering by any stretch. Here is my opinion across 10 vehicle models and categories. All vehicles carry a manufacturer’s recommendation on the maximum weight they can pull, covering both braked and unbraked trailers. Ratings will vary even within models, depending on engine size and whether they’re automatic or manual transmission. It may even vary with a higher or lower specification model, depending on things like wheels, tyres, and the overall weight of a vehicle. Regardless of what I say, or indeed anybody who takes part in the discussion, it is up to each of us as individuals to check the tow rating of a vehicle and the towbar, and decide for themselves whether they can hook on a single or double float,... Toyota Landcruiser You’ll be hard-pressed to convince me that anything else out there beats a VX Limited Landcruiser for pulling a double float. A fully laden tandem-axle double float is well within its tow rating. Source: horsetalk.co.nz