Mitsubishi launches all-new L200 pick-up from £19749 - Motor Trader

Mitsubishi dealers will be expecting to boost pick-up sales with the launch of the fifth-generation L200, which arrives in showrooms in September. The current L200, on sale since 2006, is a prime seller, having produced more volume than any other pick-up, and according to Mitsubishi claimed more awards than all of its rivals combined. The pickup features an all-aluminium turbodiesel engine, which Mitsubishi is claiming as a first for the sector. The extra power sees the L200’s 0-62mph time cut by two seconds to 10. 4 seconds while fuel economy and emissions are also greatly improved, the 42. 8mpg combined cycle figure between 11 and 47% better than rivals, with CO2 emissions of 169g/km... Mitsubishi claims a whole host of best-in-class accolades for the L200 – as well as the performance, fuel efficiency and emissions, it is said to have the best manoeuvrability, carrying capacity, all-wheel-drive ability and aerodynamics. Meanwhile the cargo bed is deeper with more volume, the class-leading carrying capacity combined with a 4. 1-tonne towing capacity. Source: