The AEV Brute Double Cab Is The Jeep Pickup You Always Wanted - Jalopnik

I drove AEV's Brute Double Cab this week around their headquarters in Wixom, about a half-hour away from Detroit. But there's no doubt that the Brute Cab is capable. That was 1997. Harriton steadily modified Wranglers one by one, expanded his staff, built a relationship with Chrysler and established a larger operation closer to Detroit. Everything AEV needs is in a 200-mile radius of its headquarters, including the Wrangler assembly plant down in Toledo and, of course, Chrysler's headquarters in Auburn Hills. AEV was able to hire two former Chrysler engineers who worked on the Wrangler to give insight about all the nuts and bolts about the Jeep. And Chrysler themselves began sending pre-production Wranglers to AEV before the public got a chance to see whatever was new for each model year. That brings us to the Brute Double Cab. AEV is on track to sell about 600 Brute Cabs since it has been in production. First, AEV stretches the wheelbase of the Wrangler Unlimited 24 inches between the wheels and add an additional 16 to the rear of the frame. They replace the hood with their own crafted hood (made from local steel) that still meets Chrysler's crash-test standards. They add bigger tires, a winch, their own steel tailgate, their own composite bed, seven gallons of water storage, new. Source: