2015 Chevy Silverado Midnight Edition review notes: Always bet on black - Autoweek

Midnight Silverado 1500 pickup is surprisingly restrained. ROAD TEST EDITOR JAKE LINGEMAN: This pickup is what Barney Ross from “The Expendables” would drive if he didn’t have that sweet old ’55 Ford. It’s the best looking stock truck on the market, hands down. The Midnight Edition adds black everything making this truck look super sinister, but also ready for off-road work with those tall, knobby tires. This crew cab edition looks to have plenty of space for coworkers in back, but this ride is almost too nice for the daily grind. I’d add a big push bar to keep the look going. The big V8 has plenty of power once you’re rolling, but trying to take off hard from a stop just gets you wheel hop and jerkiness. Backing out of spaces and moving slowly, this truck doesn’t feel as big as I thought it would. The eight-speed auto is smooth and doesn’t have a lot of surge when changing gears. Like I said, it has those giant tires, which weren’t that loud at speed, but look like they could go through or over anything. There’s a lot of wheel well and a lot of travel in those dampers. I didn’t take it off-road, but I would have if 'd had time. Source: autoweek.com