2012 Mercedes-Benz C-class / C250 / C350 Coupe First Drive – Review – - Car and Driver

But since the CLK ascended the Mercedes product hierarchy to become the E-class coupe , the marketing folk in Stuttgart think there’s even more sales potential in the C range. And that’s why Mercedes engineers developed the new two-door, four-seat C-class coupe. The C coupe costs only about $1500 more than an equivalent C-class sedan, and it shows. The design is less expressive, with simply shaped wheel arches and a rear end that looks very similar to that of the C-class sedan. It’s questionable if anyone will recognize the influence of the SL on the C coupe’s headlight design, or the presence of the BMW Hofmeister kink adjoining the car’s rear side glass. It’s more likely that Americans will instead see shadows of the Honda Accord coupe here. To differentiate it from the C-class sedan , the new coupe’s roof is 1. 5 inches lower. But it’s built on the same 108. 7-inch wheelbase and to the same 180. 7-inch length and 69. 7-inch width. Like the sedan, it has B-pillars, and let’s be honest: A coupe with B-pillars is like Angelina Jolie with braces. ) And unlike the more expensive E- and CL-class coupes, the C coupe doesn’t have power rear windows or an easy-rear-entry function that pulls the front passenger seat forward. As Mercedes does with the E-class and S-class coupe, the new C coupe offers. Source: Car and Driver