Auto Review - 2015 Audi A7 - The Tribune

What it is : The A7 is Audi's mid-sized luxury sedan, that features a hatchback design. Other luxury car manufacturers have created extremely sleek looking four-door coupe versions of their larger sedans, and Audi is putting their own spin on the trend with the A7. The result is a unique exterior that is packed with the tech goodies... I tend to not comment on the visual appeal of the car, but the rear of the car in particular looks incredible. io of any car in recent memory. Wrap-up: the A7 is a cousin of the A6 (in terms of size) and provides comparable size for thousands and thousands less, so why spring for the A7. It's almost purely visual appeal. To me, the A6 doesn't look like anything special, and the A7 will turn heads. It has a certain presence, and I was asked questions about it by more random strangers than any car I've had since the Tahoe Hybrid with its 11 hybrid decals. The A7 doesn't have any attention-drawing stickers, just raw visual appeal. Source: