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2016 MINI Cooper S John Cooper Works Review - XCAR

Subscribe for more XCAR videos: http://bit.ly/U9XDKc We took the new MINI Cooper S JCW out to see just how much fun it is. Turns out it's a whole lotta ...

  • parts mini cooper saudi arabia 1991 jeddah coopers clasic

    MINI Cooper Part's

    MINI Cooper Part's ???? ???????: ???

    Photo by Marwan AL-Marzugy on Flickr

  • car mini cooper neighbours my

    My neighbour's Mini Cooper car

    This car is Turbo charged and has a horsepower of 175 HP. It has as much power as My Subaru Outback AWD station wagon and it turns on a dime !!

    Photo by Peter Ellis, Photographer on Flickr

  • mini cooper coopers 2015

    2015 Mini Cooper S

    Final Version

    Photo by MProduction. on Flickr

  • car mini coopers

    Mini Cooper S - Half Desaturated

    Another front shot of the Mini Cooper S. This was one of the last photo i shoot and the beautiful sunlight from the sunset has already disappeared. I was going to make it a B/W photo at the beginning but later on...

    Photo by Richard @ PhotobyRichard.com on Flickr

  • mini coopers 4415 hembach gigamot frühjahrsmeeting

    Mini Cooper S by Gigamot Racing

    Mini Cooper S by Gigamot Racing am 2. MINI Frühjahrsmeeting in Hemsbach.

    Photo by gruebehund on Flickr

  • mini coopers minicoopers bmwmini laserblue r56

    MINI Cooper S at Camber Sands

    My Laser Blue MINI Cooper S at Camber Sands, Kent

    Photo by iDavid27 on Flickr

  • mini coopers clubman bmwmini miniclubman coopersclubman

    2008 MINI Cooper S Clubman - Interior

    We had the chance to drive the 2008 MINI Cooper S Clubman for a day while my 2007 Cooper S hatchback was in the garage - in a word awesome and handles just as brilliantly as the hatch.

    Photo by iDavid27 on Flickr

  • car mini coopers tamron 90mmmacro

    Mini Cooper S

    Very nice Mini Cooper S. It was 20 mins or so before Sunset and the sunlight was just beautiful

    Photo by Richard @ PhotobyRichard.com on Flickr

  • minicoopercoupes minicooper mini petersburgvirginia oldtownpetersburgvirginia corelpaintshop photomatix photoscape canont3i hdr hdrphotography amongtheruinphotography

    Mini Cooper Coupe S

    My wife's new toy.

    Photo by among the ruin on Flickr

  • Small in stature, huge in muscle, 2015 Mini Cooper S 4 Door

    08/31/15, via Daily Herald

    The 2015 model of the Mini Cooper S is the first to have 4 doors in the line, and we would have to assume that was done to continue catching that small family market here in America and elsewhere for that matter, as Mellenials start to have children

  • Car review: 2015 Mini Cooper S 4-door

    08/17/15, via The Salinas Californian

    Earlier this year I reviewed the 2015 Mini Cooper hardtop and fell totally in love with the car. Recently I had a chance to test its big brother, the Cooper Hardtop S model and believe me it's good to be the elder sibling. I can say that I love both

  • Collectible Classic: 1967-1971 BMC Mini Cooper S

    08/13/15, via Automobile

    Rath's 1969 Mini Cooper S is one of only 6,329 Mark II models that BMC built with the long-stroke, high-performance 1.3-liter engine between 1967 and 1971. Despite the Cooper S's motorsports reputation, which famously included wins in the Rallye Monte 

  • Driven: 1966 Mini Cooper S

    08/22/15, via Telegraph.co.uk

    I've always been satisfied with my efforts in this area, until I drove a certain Almond Green Morris Mini Cooper S. Because at no point when thrumming along in this little gem did I look like a man who was making mental notes on the quality of the

  • Mini Cooper S is family fun with four doors

    08/15/15, via Timesonline.com

    By Will Chamberlain For The Times | 0 comments. I know what you are thinking; you can't fit the whole family in a Mini Cooper. I am here to tell you it is possible and really not that

  • 2015 Mini Cooper S Hardtop 4-Door Review by Carey Russ

    08/27/15, via The Auto Channel (blog)

    PERFORMANCE: Minis have always combined fuel frugality with surprising quickness, even in the days of the original 1960s Mini Coopers, 1275S version especially. (Ok, competition-tuned with Webers and a hot cam maybe not so frugal, but better than the 

  • 2015 MINI Cooper Road Test

    08/06/15, via Edmunds.com

    Besides the typical standard features found in most hatchbacks, Mini also includes adjustable driving modes, automatic climate control and ambient lighting. The JCW differentiates itself from the base and Cooper S models by including additional air

Collectible Classic: 1967-1971 BMC Mini Cooper S - Automobile

This logic doesn’t compute for Bob Rath, who, after almost 40 years of a love affair with Minis from the Countryman wagon to the industrial Pick-up, finally nabbed the model he’s always wanted. Mini Cooper S has always been about exceeding expectations since it first came to the U. S. in 1967, and it’s still full of surprises decades later, even to a Mini maniac like Rath. The Mini craze hit Rath, like many others, during the 1960s while he was stationed with the military in Europe. He bought his first Mini in 1966, falling quickly for the car’s road-holding and lively handling. “Two of my Air Force buddies had a Sunbeam Tiger and a Triumph Spitfire, but the Mini won me over,” recalls Rath. Committed to the notion of the Mini as an everyman’s car, Issigonis initially resisted the idea of tuning the car for racing but eventually yielded after seeing a prototype from race-car builder John Cooper. (Cooper’s Formula 1 cars had won the constructors’ championship in 1959 and 1960. ) Cooper S production began in 1963. Rath’s 1969 Mini Cooper S is one of only 6,329 Mark II models that BMC built with the long-stroke, high-performance 1. 3-liter... Source: www.automobilemag.com

Mini Cooper S is family fun with four doors - Timesonline.com

Thank you for reading The Times. Thank you for reading the Times. A subscription is required to access this premium content. But as a Times print subscriber you can do all of the above as well as enjoy full digital access. Subscriber benefits include delivery of our print product, delivery of our electronic replica edition, full access to our website and archives, full access to our mobile website, and our mobile apps. Or you can purchase a 24 hour pass for just $1. 99 to have full access to our website. Source: www.timesonline.com

Mini Cooper S JCW: PH Fleet - Pistonheads.com

For exhibit A, simply scan your eyes down to the bottom of this page and marvel upon the considerable list of options, the sum total of which raise the JCW's basic price by around 30 per cent. YC15OFR, like all of its fellow launch cars, is stuffed to the gills with equipment, most of it completely unnecessary. Sure, it all works great, it's amusing to have loads of gadgets to tinker with, and most prospective owners will go to town on the options list, but let's be honest. if price is really a concern, then almost all of them could be replaced with a simple £10 phone holder. So, having used almost every gizmo on the car now, I set myself a challenge. Adopting the spirit of Matt's new GT86 Primo , I put on my best pragmatically frugal hat and headed over to the Mini JCW configurator to spec up my own car. I began with a manual in plain white, with a red roof and black 17-inch alloys (£75). Standard equipment is already pretty high - it includes Bluetooth connectivity, USB audio, DAB radio, air-con, cruise control and sports seats - so I simply... The only box I would like to have ticked - but doing so would add the Media Pack XL at £1,400 - was the head-up display. Source: www.pistonheads.com
@colram hello mate no not that sensible, just a little 5dr Mini Cooper S. It's quite quirky, nippy and fun, just like its new owner 09/01/15, @dazza3101
MINI COOPER/COOPER S 2002-2004 HEADLIGHT HALOGEN LEFT SIDE W/O HEADLIGHT WASHERS http://t.co/btDNjqy0o4 http://t.co/mBsr1l75Aw 09/01/15, @lealquntana
MINI COOPER/COOPER S 2002-2004 HEADLIGHT HALOGEN RIGHT W/O HEADLIGHT WASHERS http://t.co/8n0RbfFRw6 http://t.co/YWPDBURk3H 09/01/15, @lautaroquirozl1
MINI COOPER/COOPER S 02-04 HEADLIGHT HALOGENPAIR SET NEW W/O HEADLIGHT WASHERS http://t.co/7Em2u0MFe4 http://t.co/ZXcXZ3jyxj 09/01/15, @hoyospolibio
MINI COOPER/COOPER S 2002-2004 HEADLIGHT HALOGEN LEFT SIDE W/O HEADLIGHT WASHERS http://t.co/huoQaW7tSb http://t.co/2bnzyp0TBF 09/01/15, @hoyospolibio
MINI COOPER/COOPER S 2002-2004 HEADLIGHT HALOGEN RIGHT W/O HEADLIGHT WASHERS http://t.co/RWghWHyWNt http://t.co/AClcE6CHSk 09/01/15, @hoyospolibio
MINI COOPER/COOPER S 02-04 HEADLIGHT HALOGENPAIR SET NEW W/O HEADLIGHT WASHERS http://t.co/dEyseUfszg http://t.co/OtJ1QTppoZ 09/01/15, @jacomeboecio4
For Sale: Mini : Cooper 15 MINI COOPER S HARDTO 2DR… http://t.co/Wvkt45Mg9R #usa #minicooper #mini #miniusa #cars http://t.co/Uruw4lYhUn 09/01/15, @USAMiniCoopers
For Sale: Mini : Cooper ALL4 2dr S MINI Cooper Paceman… http://t.co/WO7WckP8Iq #usa #minicooper #mini #miniusa #cars http://t.co/1eIzYiwZ0L 09/01/15, @USAMiniCoopers
  • 2008 Mini Cooper

    08/31/15, via KSL

    Very Well maintain MINI COOPER S TURBO.. FAST FAST. Recently I upgraded the wheels to the 17" and put new tires on. It has A really nice Custom Woofer 2 10" Subs sound amazing I paid $800 for them but i will leave them in if you give me A least $300 and ...

  • Mini win for lucky housebuyer

    08/31/15, via The Star Online

    IT WAS a lucky day for Tan Kai Boon, who bought a unit in Sunway Geo Residences 2, a 30-storey condominium in Sunway South Quay, as he walked away with a Mini Cooper S at the Sunway Property Big MINI Giveaway. The 25-year-old part-time lecturer did not ...

  • 2007 Mini Cooper S

    08/31/15, via KSL

    Awesome car! Amazing MPG, over 40MPG on the highway. This is a Mini S, meaning it has the sport trim, and last but not least, turbo. When the turbo kicks in you're in for a good time! My father is always begging me to drive it, and I can't blame him!

  • MINI Hardtop now offers five doors to get people into their cars

    08/31/15, via The News-Herald

    ft. of peak torque. The output of the four-cylinder engine in the Cooper S is 189-hp. and 207 lb.-ft. of peak torque. The idea is to find balance between driving fun and fuel consumption. The pair of MINI engines gets EPA fuel ratings of 30 mpg city and 42 ...

  • Gas prices - News - Mobile Adv

    08/31/15, via Killeen Daily Herald

    Brian Payne fills up Sunday, Aug. 30, 2015, in Killeen. Payne said his Mini Cooper S runs on premium gasoline, which gets expensive even for a car its size. So he appreciates Killeen's drop in gas prices.

  • New DVD relives the golden years of Bathurst

    08/28/15, via Motoring

    The first real stars were smaller, early-1960s cars such as the Morris Mini Cooper S and Ford’s Cortina GT that dominated the headlines. In fact the Cortina became the first Bathurst special when it morphed into the purpose-built GT 500 that lined up for ...

  • Small in stature, huge in muscle, 2015 Mini Cooper S 4 Door

    08/30/15, via Daily Herald

    Although the American Muscle cars of yesterday have in the recent past been making a huge comeback and in our opinion, this is in fact, a great thing, since we were around for most of that street drag era, once again showing our age. Today, small is the ...

The new Mini Cooper S Exterior Design

The new Mini Cooper S Exterior Design

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MINI Cooper & Cooper S Wiper Blades Front Pair OEM for 2013+ Clubman (R55), Hardtop (R56) and Convertible (R57) by Mini Mania

  • Clubman (R55) production dates of JUNE 2012-2014 R55
  • Convertible (R57) production dates of JUNE 2012-2015
  • Hardtop/Hatchback R56 production dates of JUNE 2012-2013


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WIN.MAX Compatible for Serpentine Belt Tool Kit for BMW Mini Cooper/S Supercharged W11 2001-2006 Engine by WIN.MAX

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  • 2003 2004 2005 2006 W/ SUPERCHARGER ( S MODELS )
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DTA DT1250125021 Front Driver and Passenger Side CV Axles Mini Cooper S Model Supercharged With 6 Spd Manual Transmission Only, Come with Bearing Bracket on the Passenger Side by DRIVE TECH AMERICA

  • QS 9000 and ISO 9002 quality certified
  • Excellent tolerance to resist high and low temperatures
  • Passenger Side With Bearing Bracket for Easy Installation


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JDMSPEED New Engine Valve Cover Gasket Set for Mini Cooper S JCW R58 R59 R55 R56 R57 by JDMSPEED

  • Please see Product Description below for vehicle compatibility
  • It is used in Cylinder head cover
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New Engine Valve Cover for 2007-2012 Mini Cooper S JCW R55 R56 R57 R60 1.6L N14 by Goodbest

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  • New Engine Valve Cover for 2007-2012 Mini Cooper S JCW R55 R56 R57...


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KEENICI Car Phone Mount Cell Phone Cup Holder with 360° Rotatable Cradle for Mini Cooper R55 R56, 1 Pack (Red & Blue Union Jack UK Flag Style) by KEENICI

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MINI Cooper and Cooper S OEM Oil Filters 2-pak Kit for Clubman R55, Hatchback R56, Convertible R57, Coupe R58, Roadster R59, Countryman R60, Paceman R61 by JUSHACHENGTA

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MINI COOPER S Genuine Factory OEM 82550306793 "S" Logo Front All Season Floor Mats 2002 - 2006 (set of 2 front mats) by MINI Cooper

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Primecooling Full Aluminum Engine Intercooler for 2006-12 Mini Cooper S R56 &R57 by Prime Cooling

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