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1958 Dodge Sweptside Pickup WhtBlu KissimmeAuctionA012514

There was a problem with this video that I uploaded two weeks I re-uploaded. Hopefully the problem disappears! The Chevy Cameo seemed to start the ...

  • ad pickup 1958 dodge tractortrailer sweptline

    1958 Dodge Sweptline Pickup & Tractor/Trailer

    Photo by aldenjewell on Flickr

  • truck pickup 1958 dodge mopar d100 carlisle carshow 1959 twotone sweptside chryslersatcarlisle carlisleallchryslernationals

    1958-59 Dodge D100 Sweptside pickup

    Chryslers at Carlisle, July 18, 1993.

    Photo by splattergraphics on Flickr

  • auto car truck washington automobile pickup 1958 dodge luxury bellevue dealer autodealer parkplace bellevuewashington sweptside 1958dodge luxuryautomobile dodged100 parkplaceltd dodged100sweptside dodgesweptside 1958dodged100 1958dodgesweptside 58dodge d100sweptside

    1958 Dodge D100 Sweptside

    Photo by Park Place LTD on Flickr

  • old sky field truck canon dramatic sigma pickup 1958 dodge 1020 hdr baru relic tonemapping sigma1020lens canon7d

    1958 Dodge Pickup - HDR

    This 1958 truck is parked at the Bar-U ranch. It's seen over 55 winters and summers. A relic of the past.

    Photo by Moe_Ali on Flickr

  • car florida pickup 1958 dodge 500 alpha kissimmee hdr 7x

    Dodge 1958 Pick up HDR

    Photo by j11gee on Flickr

  • pickup 1958 dodge d100 sweptside

    1958 Dodge D100 Sweptside Pickup

    Photo by Hipo 50's Maniac on Flickr

  • ad pickup 1958 dodge van tractortrailer sweptline

    1958 Dodge Sweptline Pickup & TractorTrailer

    Photo by aldenjewell on Flickr

  • pickup 1958 dodge hemi mopar d100

    Don Kerns' 1958 Dodge D-100 pickup

    As seen in December 2009 issue of Rod News. These shots are also seen in Mopar Max magazine, 2011. And these are also used by some guys in east east Europe to sell a truck that they...

    Photo by dave.wadsworth_photo on Flickr

  • pickup 1958 hotrod dodge hemi mopar d100

    Don Kerns' 1958 Dodge D-100 pickup

    As seen in December 2009 issue of Rod News.

    Photo by dave.wadsworth_photo on Flickr

  • BlackTop Nationals fuels up for a weekend of activities in Wichita (+video)

    08/20/15, via Wichita Eagle

    A 2002 Dodge Viper was on display at the Black Top Nationals at Century II Thursday. (Aug. 20, 2015) Fernando Salazar The . A 1930's . (Aug. 22, 2014.) Mike Hutmacher The . BlackTop Nationals judges Ron and Janis Parr look

  • Roy Nollkamper, Dick Ebert and Bob Kiefer

    08/12/15, via Cut Bank Pioneer Press

    and 1953 Pontiac, 1958 and 1961 Bonneville and a 1966 Chevelle for Ebert; a 1940 and 1953 Pontiac, 1954 Chevy Pickup, 1960 Pontiac Super Duty and a 1968 Firebird for Kiefer; and for Nollkamper, a 1937 Dodge, 1952 Ford Pickup, 1955 Pontiac Safari, 

  • Classic car owners make the most of the season

    08/12/15, via The Daily Telegram

    This story first appeared in the Summer 2015 issue of Lenawee magazine. Kevin Stange remembers well the 1955 Chevy truck his grandfather kept at the family farm just outside of Adrian. And so, when Stange, now the fourth-generation owner of the farm, 

  • Read John Hughes' Original National Lampoon Vacation Story That Started the ...

    07/29/15, via Hollywood Reporter

    Dad picked up our brand-new 1958 Plymouth Sport Suburban Six station wagon on Thursday morning. The speedometer had only six and three-tenths miles on it. . “If you want to see something special,” he said, “go back to Mullinville and take Highway 50

  • Another Leadsled Spectacular in the books

    08/01/15, via Wichita Eagle

    One of the more radical machines exhibited was Bobby Avery's gullwing 1936 Ford custom pickup from Jonesburg, Mo. It featured a 5" top chop, was channeled Sedan deliveries have long been popular with street rodders, but finding a '33 Dodge to hot

  • Eye Candy: Help me find my long-lost MGA

    08/21/15, via Toronto Star

    1978 Dodge Magnum · 2381 B.C. Flintstones Bedrock Buggy · 1963 Studebaker Hawk · 1931 Ford Model A · 1970 Dodge Dart · 1962 GMC half-ton pickup · A classic Divco milk truck · 1954 Austin Healey · 1973 MGB roadster · Help find a stolen Datsun 240Z.

  • In the Garage: 1958 Dodge D100

    01/08/15, via Newsday

    THE TRUCK AND ITS OWNER: 1958 Dodge D100 custom pickup owned by Robert Spadavecchia. WHAT MAKES IT INTERESTING: Up to the mid-1950s, pickup trucks were usually marketed as drab work vehicles that were distinctly different from their 

Read John Hughes' Original National Lampoon Vacation Story That Started the ... - Hollywood Reporter

If Dad hadn’t shot Walt Disney in the leg, it would have been our best vacation ever. Dad picked up our brand-new 1958 Plymouth Sport Suburban Six station wagon on Thursday morning. The speedometer had only six and three-tenths miles on it. Dad said that it would be a pleasure to travel for six days in a car that smelled as good as our new Plymouth. It was nice to see Dad excited about our trip. For months Mom had to act moody and beg to get him to drive out to California. “What good will it do the kids to see their country from an airplane seat. Finally, Dad gave in and said we would get a station wagon and drive the 2,448 miles from 74 Rivard Boulevard, Grosse Pointe, Michigan, to 1313 Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, California. It took almost all day Friday to pack the car. Dad loaded and unloaded it again and again to save a square foot here, a square inch there. Then he simonized the car and hung litter bags in the front and back seats, attached a compass to the dashboard, and put a first aid kit in the glove compartment. After dinner, Dad ran the Plymouth up to Richie’s Marathon Service to gas up and have Richie check under the hood and see if everything was A-O. K. When Dad backed out of the driveway the car scraped bottom. Dad got back at 8:00. We heard the. Source:

Another Leadsled Spectacular in the books - Wichita Eagle

SALINA – It’s an amazing sight, pulling into Salina anytime during the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular. At every stop light, parking lot and street corner, there are beautiful pieces of rolling artwork, hot rods, custom cars, even drag machines in a spectrum of colors and shapes to dazzle the eyes. You expect to see the cars at Oakdale Park, or along Crawford Street, on the way out to the Friday night drag races, but they are everywhere and it’s an open invitation to go to the park and see the astounding craftsmanship, up close and personal. “It just keeps getting bigger every year,” said Jerry Titus, founder of the Kustom Kemps of America, which began the Leadsled Spectacular 35 years ago. “We used to move it around each year, from town to town. Some towns are car towns and some aren’t. And he’s got expansion plans in the works for next year, with a couple of air-conditioned vendors buildings lined up for those needing to take a break from the heat that seems to accompany nearly every Leadsled Spectacular. With pre-show and post-show events spun off the main event and three full days and nights of activities scheduled during the show itself, it would be a real challenge to even attempt to take all of them in. So we settle for narrowing our focus and... His handbuilt 1954 Chevy Bel Air is just that small, measuring in at a diminutive 11/16ths the size of a full-sized car. Source:

In the Garage: 1958 Dodge D100 - Newsday

Up to the mid-1950s, pickup trucks were usually marketed as drab work vehicles that were distinctly different from their automotive counterparts. Then, in 1955, Chevrolet broke new ground with its Cameo, a pickup with car-like design details, extensive chrome trim and more comfortable interiors. Chrysler went even further to create the Dodge D100 Sweptside by grafting station wagon fins onto the truck’s rear quarter panels. Produced from 1957 to 1959, it was expensive to build and pickup beds were considered too narrow for everyday use. Because few have survived, Spadavecchia decided to create a custom version of his own by grafting 1957 DeSoto fins onto a standard D100 pickup. “It was an old, ratty stepside pickup that needed to be restored,” Spadavecchia says. “The color scheme is the stock color scheme for that year, with pearl to liven up the colors,” he adds. Source:
SWEPTSIDE PICKUP TRUCK DODGE: 1957 1958 1959 SWEPTLINE 315 - DEALER POSTER PRINT 08/22/15, @porruadamaso
1959 DODGE Pickup Two Page 1958 Original Adv Art [se1108] 08/20/15, @braulioland
Dodge : Other Pickups D 10 1958 dodge d 10 pickup bell telephone utility truck rare rod sc… 08/19/15, @veneroerardo4
Dodge : Other Pickups D 10 1958 dodge d 10 pickup bell telephone utility truck rare rod sc… 08/19/15, @hadulfohidalgo
Dodge : Other Pickups D 10 1958 dodge d 10 pickup bell telephone utility truck rare rod sc… 08/19/15, @florentinoboliv
Dodge : Other Pickups D 10 1958 dodge d 10 pickup bell telephone utility truck rare rod sc… 08/19/15, @eulalio_ag
1958 Dodge Trucks Pickup Ad 1958 Pesi-Cola Soda Ad 08/15/15, @quinteroserafi3
  • Gov't: Fiat Chrysler must offer to buy back 500,000 pickups

    07/27/15, via KEYE TV

    According to Kelly Blue Book, a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 - one of the smaller, less-expensive trucks involved in the recalls - could fetch $20,000 in a dealer trade-in, assuming the truck has 60,000 miles on it and is in "good" condition. At that rate ...

  • Five classic pickups to buy now

    07/09/15, via FOX News

    1958-68 Dodge Power Wagon W300: When you simply must have the most testosterone-laden classic truck of all time, you need look no further than the Dodge Power Wagon. Derived from a WW2-era ¾-ton pickup, Power Wagons make other pickups of the era look toy ...

  • Classic Cars: Chevrolet Cameo Carrier

    03/26/15, via The Chronicle Herald

    The Cameo Carrier attracted competitors. Chrysler wanted a glamourous truck but couldn’t afford to spend much money. It therefore removed the rear fenders and bumper assembly from a custom half-ton Dodge pickup and replaced them with the rear fenders of ...

  • Pickup delivers twins named Dodge and Sierra to hospital in B.C.

    02/06/15, via The Chronicle Herald

    KAMLOOPS, B.C. - The old Dodge pickup is beaten up after summers of mining in the Yukon, but Nika Guilbault plans to keep it for another 16 years. By then, her newborn twins, Henry Dodge and Nevada Sierra, will be old enough to boast about driving the same ...

  • Chrysler recalls another 67,000 Dodge Ram trucks

    Included in the recall are Dodge Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 pickups, Dodge Dakotas and Mitsubishi Raiders, all manufactured between July 2005 and July 2006 with model years 2006 and 2007. One person has already died as a result of the faulty interlock switch.

  • Forward Look Fargo (and Sweptside Dodge): Trucks With Fins

    12/12/14, via Truth About Cars

    When Chrysler brass wanted Dodge, then ranked #5 in pickup sales with just 7% of the market ... These two trucks, both of them from the 1958 model year, were photographed at the Concours of America at St. John’s, as part of that show’s Jet Age ...

  • Short Take: Ryan Miller’s 1955 Dodge Truck

    08/01/14, via Gas2.0

    Here, Ryan introduces it in his own words: This is my grandfather’s restored 1955 Dodge. It was his first pickup he bought to do the heavy hauling on the farm. He homestead [sic] in southern Idaho in 1958 after he served in the army. We are thankful for ...



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