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Vintage Dodge Pickup Truck

this is a 1946 dodge pickup which belongs to my father, he restored it in the early seventies in his high school auto shop class. The first song is Murder in the City ...

  • A Grand Salute!

    08/24/15, via Yankton Daily Press

    One of these families was the family of Luvern Cwach, who served in the Navy from 1943-1946 as a diesel mechanic in England and a truck/jeep driver in France. He also worked as a minesweeper in Japan. Cwach passed away in 2008. It was his wife, 

  • Havasu vet to take honor flight

    08/23/15, via Today's News-Herald

    With an enlistment commitment of “the duration plus sixth months,” Merry was discharged and headed back home by August 1946. Back in Maine, he went to college on the GI Bill and became a teacher. He taught high school business courses for more than 

  • Music teacher's influence lives on

    08/22/15, via Dodge City Daily Globe

    Zollars taught vocal music at Dodge City Community College from 1946 to 1985. He eventually lived at Manor of the Plains until he passed away at age 90 in 2010. "It's wonderful that he donated such a wonderful instrument," activities director Lisa

  • Woodward Scream Cruise gives hearses, motorcycles and oddities moment to shine

    08/16/15, via MLive.com

    Dozer's studio brought to the Scream Cruise a group of unique motorcycles, a 1946 Dodge with a sculpture made from automotive stamping remnants mounted on the bed, and a sculpture of a flamingo made with spoons, a gas tank, gears and bar stools.

  • Gene Olson Nov. 22, 1923 — Aug. 15, 2015

    08/19/15, via Ames Tribune

    He was discharged in 1946. He met his wife, Vivian Strand, at the Lutheran Church in Humboldt. She was teaching at the local school and directed the choir at the church. He was persuaded to join the choir because his good friend, Russ Johnson, said the

  • Jeff Schudel's Cleveland Beat: Cleveland Browns still pondering training camp ...

    08/15/15, via News-Herald.com

    The Browns trained at Bowling Green from 1946 to 1951, then Hiram, at Kent State from 1975 to 1981 and at Lakeland Community College from 1982 to 1991 before moving to Berea. • It would be noble of the 32 teams to stay away from Ray Rice because

  • Asheville area vacation rental rules tightening; fines up to $500

    08/12/15, via Asheville Citizen-Times

    And they could easily dodge city inspectors by saying the renter had intended to stay for more than 30 days but then "only stayed for a weekend," he said. Homestays They cashed in retirement savings and bought a 1946 bungalow on a sloped lot. They

A Grand Salute! - Yankton Daily Press

On Saturday, World War II vets were given special recognition for the 70th anniversary of the end of the second World War, as part of Riverboat Days theme of "Red, White and Blue: We Salute You. To commemorate this event, a display was put together of war memorabilia donated by veterans and their families in The Old Mill during Riverboat Days. One of these families was the family of Luvern Cwach, who served in the Navy from 1943-1946 as a diesel mechanic in England and a truck/jeep driver in France. Cwach passed away in 2008. It was his wife, Leona Cwach, and daughter, Renee Becker, who donated his war memorabilia to the display. For the event, Becker wore a Bolo tie with a pendant containing an old photograph of her father. "It’s a good tribute to my father and uncles," she said of the display, which contained photos of them as well as uniforms, an old flag, French currency from the 1940s and an ID tag, as well as other mementos. Becker’s mother, Leona, had several relatives in the war. Using the memorabilia prompts stories that people unfamiliar with the war can hear, including one Becker heard her father tell many times. Two military vehicles, a 1944 DUKW and a 1942 Dodge three-ton truck, were on hand for people to pose and take pictures. Source: www.yankton.net

Havasu vet to take honor flight - Today's News-Herald

“Some of my classmates had gotten to enlistment age and joined,” Merry said during an interview last week. Next month, thanks to fellow military veteran Leonard Dodge, Merry will take an honor flight to Washington D. C. to visit the WWII memorial and be thanked for his service. Born in California and raised on the family beef farm in Maine, Merry was the eighth of 10 children. Merry and his fellow enlistees navigated a training gauntlet of obstacle and rope courses, formation practices and long hikes – training for an unthinkable mission. Merry and his fellow sailors loaded onto ships, steamed through the Panama Canal to California bases before taking the voyage across the Pacific Ocean to Japan as part of American occupation forces. Stationed at Yokosuka Naval Base south of Tokyo, Merry worked in the base post office and took occasional forays into the countryside “to see that everything was OK. ”. With an enlistment commitment of “the duration plus sixth months,” Merry was... But the call of the high seas beckoned Merry back to the Pacific Ocean. He worked as a deckhand on oil tankers, shuttling between Alaskan oil terminals and southern California refineries for 14 years. Source: www.havasunews.com

Music teacher's influence lives on - Dodge City Daily Globe

Tucked away down a hallway, a gleaming black piano with a brass plaque stands in the wide-open community room at Dodge City Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America's Manor of the Plains. The Steinway piano was donated by Vernon Zollars in 2003. Zollars taught vocal music at Dodge City Community College from 1946 to 1985. He eventually lived at Manor of the Plains until he passed away at age 90 in 2010. "It's wonderful that he... After Zollars died, Dodge City Community College donated Zollars' vocal music to the Manor of the Plains and the Kansas Teachers Hall of Fame. Retired music teacher Connie Ross had a shadow box made with sheet music bearing the stamps of former local music stores, including Eckles Department Store and Dodge City Music Co. , popular music from Zollars' era, classical sheet music, three... Vernon Zollars' legacy lives on at Manor of the Plains as the piano is still used today for Dodge City Community College music student performances. Source: www.dodgeglobe.com
1941 1942 1944 1945 1946 1947 Dodge Pickup Panel Truck Stainless Grille Trim http://t.co/4o45OmJvWK http://t.co/VxDlQQOkz8 08/23/15, @ruizstanley5
1941 1942 1944 1946 1947 Dodge Power Wagon Pickup Truck Head Lights / Rat Rod http://t.co/tuh0Fy28Rw http://t.co/WDh0tge3DV 08/23/15, @ruizstanley5
1941 1942 1944 1945 1946 1947 Dodge Pickup Panel Truck Stainless Grille Trim http://t.co/wzW3uYamyU http://t.co/gdhVXkndRM 08/23/15, @sancheztacito
1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 Dodge truck pickup Hood Pivots http://t.co/YWyFtAW7Hb http://t.co/9ORrjP4kiH 08/23/15, @ruedasofocles
Dodge : Other Dodge pickup WC Series 1946 dodge wc base 3.6 l http://t.co/MnZ9OhQxXw http://t.co/DqaqYkkEJD 08/19/15, @lealquntana
Dodge : Other Dodge pickup WC Series 1946 dodge wc base 3.6 l http://t.co/XXVChRZsez http://t.co/HHx57LGosW 08/19/15, @gaudericoconcha
Dodge : Other Dodge pickup WC Series 1946 dodge wc base 3.6 l http://t.co/M0ef0inK3r http://t.co/q9eEhgqByW 08/19/15, @elvioteran
Dodge : Other Dodge pickup WC Series 1946 dodge wc base 3.6 l: $200.00 (0 Bids)End Date: Tuesday Aug-25-2015 ... http://t.co/RuLHLFp0wV 08/19/15, @used_cars_77
New Price $53.00 - Danbury Mint. 1946 Dodge Pickup - PERFECT---( Item ID #1) http://t.co/4uITn0dp4v http://t.co/OQdnt8um90 08/18/15, @saldanatacio
  • Mark James highlights history of Brewery Creek at launch of Red Truck brewery and Truck Stop Diner

    06/04/15, via Georgia Straight

    The brewery was founded 10 years ago in North Vancouver with an old 1946 Dodge pickup known as "Old Weird Harold". "Most appropriately, our first customer was the Vancouver Canadians," James recalled. "Our first employee, Sam Payne, would deliver kegs to ...

  • Florentine plants Donizetti's comic 'Elixir of Love' in California wine country

    Donizetti's "Elixir of Love ... truck of the right vintage, she said, "He found a selection of them. None of them were running, which didn't matter to us. None of them were in tiptop shape, which we didn't need." Florescu explained that Rogers found a 1946 ...

  • 1946 DODGE PICKUP for sale

    03/28/15, via Classic Cars For Sale

    1946 Dodge Pickup Street Rod VIN 4112260424 This beautiful 46 Dodge Restomod Truck was purchased out of Pennsylvania. The previous owner purchased the truck as a rust free Oklahoma survivor and did the restoration in his shop. The truck has only 400 miles ...

  • 1946 Jeep CJ-2A - Jeep Encyclopedia

    02/23/15, via Four Wheeler

    From the time he bought it new, in 1946, until just a few years ago when he passed away ... The locals told him the original owner bought the Jeep for use as a service truck at his small, often one-man, farm-country welding shop. Mounting a custom-built ...

  • Icon’s Re-imagination of a ’65 Dodge Pickup

    05/08/13, via New York Times Blogs

    a 1946 Dodge sedan delivery and a 1979 Porsche 930. Also in the works is an antique truck that he says will out-slalom a Cadillac CTS-V when his team is done with it. After ticking off a list of top-shelf performance parts, including six-piston brake ...

  • 1946 Dodge Power Wagon gets a modern makeover

    11/01/12, via FOX News

    Now this is a Chrysler product we can actually believe Clint Eastwood would drive. The Legacy Power Wagon is a customized version of Dodge’s 1946-1968 vintage truck, refurbished and fitted with modern underpinnings. Built by Legacy Classic Trucks ...

  • Classic Pickup: 1946-68 Dodge Power Wagon

    08/08/12, via Pick Up Trucks

    For many truck enthusiasts, the history of Dodge trucks starts in the fall of 1993, with the introduction of the Ram pickup. In a heartbeat, Dodge went from being an also-ran in the light-duty pickup-truck market to a major competitor to established ...

1946 Chevrolet Pickup - Nicely Restored Original

1946 Chevrolet Pickup - Nicely Restored Original

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