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1993 Toyota Pickup 2WD Extended Cab Grey Manual 5 Speed w/Leer Cap

1993 Toyota Pickup 2WD Extended Cab Grey Manual 5 Speed w/Leer Cap.

  • 20 Years of the Toyota Tacoma and Beyond: A Look Through the Years

    01/09/15, via Motor Trend

    Toyota also introduced the L Series diesel engine for the 1979 model year on 2WD models. The 4WD models weren't The next generation in the Toyota Truck lineup saw more changes, including the addition of the Xtracab, a two-row extended cab option.

  • Dodge Ram Pickup Spotter's Guide

    07/02/15, via Four Wheeler Network

    By the '60s, the Dodge pickups had been carrying the “D” designation for 2WD models and the “W” designation for the 4WD models. The '65 model year saw a The Club Cab model was also introduced to provide extended cab room. Engines included the 

  • Frontier living: Backroading in a 2015 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X

    03/01/15, via TechnologyTell

    Last time I bought a truck, I was coming out of a 1994 Nissan Hardbody, so the then-fresh Nissan Frontier redesign made a strong play for my money. I ended up buying a The switches and dials had positive tactile feel, and four-wheel drive engaged

  • Spied: 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

    04/11/15, via PickupTrucks.com

    A 2.8 Duramax w/ 8-speed might do well in a Regular cab 2wd like the truck shown. I don't really see that happening though. I thought the hoods on I have had 6 new Chevrolet trucks since 1993. The last one a 2010 took me 2 years to buy because of

  • Maybe Ford Doesnt Need a SVT Lightning F150

    02/09/15, via Torque News

    The SVT version of the Ford F150 was introduced as the Lightning back in 1993 and thanks to the 5.8L V8 that offered 240 horsepower and 340lb-ft of torque, the first SVT Lightning offered impressive performance for a full size truck. That performance

  • 4x4 AnswerMan Answers Your Truck & SUV Questions

    06/09/15, via Off-Road.com

    For those of you that aren't familiar, the Lightning was a SVT performance truck with plenty of power and sport driving characteristics (limited production 1993 to 1995, and 1999 to 2004). Roving How about a standard width performance 4x4 pickup

  • Chevrolet to Offer Custom Sport Special Edition

    01/10/15, via PickupTrucks.com

    The Custom Sport Silverado 1500 will be based off the double-cab or crew-cab LT or LTZ model and can also include the Z71 ordering package. LT models will Drop a little extra Hp in there with a better stance (lower for 2wd/higher for 4wd) and then

Chevrolet to Offer Custom Sport Special Edition - PickupTrucks.com

I really HATE GM's special edition trucks or packages as they are nothing but appearance packages with bigger charges. Toyota did the TRD Pro Tundra. I would like all of what they said plus be lowered and be either a supercharged 5. 3L V8 or NA 6. 2L V8. We have all seen my Tundra on here and I did a color matched grille, color matched bumper and chrome accents and it didn't come up $3,000. I... "The Custom Sport truck dates back to the late 1960s and reflects the idea that all pickups, like their owners, want to be unique". How can being a pickup owner make you unique. Ford did the Tremor with the 14 F-150 and they did a sport truck the right way and used the premium motor, color matched, lowest available axle ratio for street performance and removed the premium interior. GM doesn't have to build something really special (supercharged 5. 3L V8) but the least they can do is match the Tremor and then take the next step. 2L V8, Reg or Double Cab, color matched, lowest available axle ratio for street performance, remove the premium interior, give it sport handling, cold air intake for more aggressive interior sound (Toyota does it with TRD https://www. v=MMszQUYUg3Q) and add dual exhaust for aggressive exterior sound (Toyota does it with TRD as well https://www. I do believe their needs to be a permanent color matched trim level for Chevy but that would be a FX2 and FX4 fighter. Source: news.pickuptrucks.com

Toyota's 2WD workhorse gains extra appeal - Drivesouth

In one of those odd ironies of life, at the very time Toyota has been promoting the Hilux as New Zealand's top-selling four-wheel-drive utility, a two-wheel-drive variant of the same machine was dispatched to Drivesouth for appraisal. Although such vehicles attract limited interest in our provincial hinterland, 2WD utes are big business in urban New Zealand. As a result, while Hilux is still New Zealand's best-selling ute in 4WD guise, Ford's Ranger has toppled Toyota's truck as last year's best-selling ute overall. If you don't really need 4WD, picking a 2WD eliminates the cost and mechanical complications of four-wheel-drive couplings and a hi-low ratio transfer case. Measured in dollar terms, that sees Toyota list its standard Double Cab 2WD ute at $42,190, which is $12,100 less than the equivalent 4WD machine. Head for Toyota's limited editions list and you'll find better news yet: the subject of this test is the Hilux 2WD Edge. This is basically a Double Cab 2WD smartened up with special graphics, 17-inch alloys, and stainless steel nudge bars and side pipes, but costing $4000 less than the standard 2WD Double Cab ute. Source: www.drivesouth.co.nz

Toyota SUV Spotter's Guide - 4Runner Facts - Four Wheeler Network

Toyota 4Runners weren’t the first sport utility vehicles (SUV) to hit the planet, but they have definitely made their mark off the pavement, along with their senior sibling, the Land Cruiser. The 4Runner was introduced in 1984 and has survived in the Toyota product line for over three decades to the current fifth-generation model, always being built in Tahara, Japan. Similar to the Toyota truck line, the 4Runner has been offered in numerous configurations over the years, including both 2WD and 4WD models in some generations. SR5 and Limited models often got many of the aesthetics and mechanical upgrades, to include lower axle gearing, lockers, and various versions of 4WD and traction-control systems. Here we’ll take a look at the evolution of the 4WD 4Runner as it has progressed through five generations of body styles and models. Over the past 30 years, Toyota has offered three styles of front suspensions. Beginning in 1986, Toyota converted to their Hi-Trac independent front suspension (IFS) using A-arms and upper torsion bars on the 4Runners. Source: www.fourwheeler.com

2014 Ford Super Duty F-250 Pickup 2WD Crew Cab 6-3/4 Ft Box XLT - Cleveland

2014 Ford Super Duty F-250 Pickup 2WD Crew Cab 6-3/4 Ft Box XLT - Cleveland