2005 Chevrolet Tahoe Suspension Fab & Steering Upgrade - Rosco P. Drivetrain - Four Wheeler Network

Despite frequent diaper changes and dueling with fussy babies, in recent weeks things have calmed down just enough to allow us some time to head out to the driveway to tinker on the ol’ Tahoe. Last time we started mocking up parts of the front and rear suspension. Adding to the mix, a modified steering box also arrived at the house from West Texas Off Road. The box is just what we wanted and all drilled and tapped for a hydraulic assist via a Redneck Ram. With the steering box in hand and mounted we could begin to figure out the rest of the steering and start work on finalizing the frame side mounting point for the front track bar. A while back when we started this project we knew we wanted to push the new front axle forward a few inches. With the axle forward the steering box would be too far back. We could either remount the steering box or, as our friend Rob Bonney pointed out, get a box with reversed internals and run the pitman arm in forward sweep. Plus this reversed internal box is tapped for a Redneck Ram for hydraulic assist. That will help steer those 37s. Speaking of track bars…With our rear suspension lifted and a. Source: www.fourwheeler.com