1953 Ford F100 - Just A Nice Daily Driver - Mustangs and Fords Magazine

When you spot one at a car show, the notion expands along with your motivation, and before long, the search is on. That's how it happened for George Lindsey, from Smithville, Missouri. George retired from TransWorld Airlines and is a staunch Ford fan, enjoying his '64 Ford Galaxie restomod, along with a couple of '49 and '50 Fords. George was ready for a new project vehicle, and was looking for a '53 F-100 like the one Dad had on the farm when he was a kid. George and his brother own a salvage yard that they operate part-time, but even with that advantage, locating a suitable project vehicle wasn't going well--that is until a chance encounter turned up a lead on a pair of F-100s not far from home. George contacted the owner, inspected the trucks, and agreed with the seller's stipulation that he buy both trucks as a package deal. He trailered them home, rebuilding one and using the other for parts. The bed, hood, and grille were salvageable, but in order to expedite the build, new front fenders and running boards were purchased from Mid Fifty F-100 Parts. As the parts came together, George added a forward-tilting hood to showcase the new engine and, in order to keep the body lines smooth, the cowl vent was welded up, as were all the body seams. Source: www.mustangandfords.com