General Motors sues Hall Chevrolet in Chesapeake over sales of other brands - The Virginian-Pilot

General Motors has sued Hall Chevrolet, saying the dealer is violating an agreement to sell only Chevrolet vehicles at its lot in Chesapeake. In the suit, filed last week in U. S. District Court in Norfolk, the automaker said Hall is selling Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles at the location on 3412 Western Branch Blvd. At a meeting last month, according to the suit, representatives of Hall Chevrolet said selling other brands "would benefit its GM operations. " But GM said the other vehicles "compete directly with Chevrolet for the sale and service of passenger cars and light-duty trucks. "Despite GM's demand, Hall Chevrolet has refused to cease such activity," the suit said. GM said in the suit that it learned early this year that Hall had begun selling Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles at the lot "in violation of its specific contractual commitments. In 2006, the suit said, Hall Chevrolet first signed an agreement with GM promising "to conduct only Chevrolet dealership operations at the premises" and not to "make a change in the use of those premises without obtaining GM's prior written consent. Hall Chevrolet "is using a mobile trailer as a sales facility" for the four other brands "and began using the body shop for service operations," GM said in the suit. Source: