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2013 RAM 3500 Heavy Duty Pickup Truck Review and Road Test

Nothing is more American than the pickup truck. If the starts and stripes thing ever gets old, it'll probably get replaced by a RAM / GM / Ford montage. Or a Big ...

  • Fiat Chrysler must offer to buy back 500000 Ram pickups; biggest such action ...

    07/26/15, via Minneapolis Star Tribune

    Models included in the buyback offer are certain Ram 1500s from 2009 to 2012; the Ram 1500 Mega Cab 4 by 4 from 2008; and the Ram 2500 4 by 4, 3500 4 by 4, 4500 4 by 4, and 5500 4 by 4, all from 2008 through 2012. Also part of the offer are 2009 

  • 2016 Ram 3500 Lets You Tow an Even Bigger House

    06/22/15, via Car and Driver (blog)

    For 2016, the Ram 3500 is rated to tow a monstrous 31,210 pounds, 1210 pounds more than the 2015 Ram 3500 and a mere 10 pounds more than Ford's F-450 pickup, the tow rating of which stands at “just” 31,200 pounds. What's better than the bragging-rights

  • 2015 Ram 3500 vs. Ford F-350: Highway MPG Comparison [Video]

    03/22/15, via The Fast Lane

    We used the same diesel pump. MrTruck.com (Kent Sundling) filled up both trucks himself and also drove the identical loop in both of these duallies. The route is approximately 21 miles north-bound and 21 miles south-bound on the stretch of I-25 north

  • Social media traffic jam in first half 2015

    08/03/15, via Inquirer.net

    FROM SUVS falling off the Skyway to doomsday scenarios of the evil Skynet caused by Sarah O'Connor's tweet, the first half of 2015 social media traffic generators kept the social media busy with Twitter and Facebook posts and shares. Here's a short 

  • 2013 Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy-Duty First Drive

    05/23/13, via Edmunds.com

    Just over two years ago a 2010 Dodge Ram 3500 finished last in a comparison test with more powerful V8 diesel pickups from Ford and General Motors. Today, with the introduction of the new 2013 Ram 2500 and 3500, this truck may have catapulted itself 

  • 2013 Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn 4X4

    07/03/13, via CNET

    There are also audible proximity sensors that beep as you approach obstructions while parking, but I'd love to see the Ram's high-tech dashboard include some sort of around-view camera system like what we saw on the 2013 Range Rover or Nissan

  • 2013 Ram 2500 / 3500 HD

    05/17/13, via Car and Driver

    The 2500 and the 3500 have been reworked for the 2013 model year, the details of which we got a jump on last September. And although the external cosmetics and interior appointments are nice, it's the husky 6.7-liter Cummins turbo-diesel powerplants

2013 Ram 2500 / 3500 HD - Car and Driver

Half-ton pickups often lead lives of suburban leisure, whereas three-quarter- and one-ton-class trucks are seldom extended the luxury. Often put to work within minutes of taking delivery, big dogs like Ram’s 2500 HD and 3500 HD models are built to flex their muscles on a daily basis and live in a world where a soiled bed is something to be proud of. So when Ram announced that the... The Detroit Three have been drawing lines in the sand for years, turning the practice of one-upping one another’s tow capacities into nearly an annual ritual. a 370-hp, 800 lb-ft version teamed with the six-speed automatic. To get our heads around what it feels like to tug 30,000 pounds down the road, we hooked up with Ram at a private location, as most states require a commercial driver’s license for rigs with a gross combined weight rating of 26,000 or more pounds. Ram tells us the recirculating-ball steering gear, the steering knuckles, the ball joints, and the linkages have been redesigned for 2013, but once under way, typical fanboy fixations. Source: www.caranddriver.com

2013 Ram 2500 Review - MotorTrend Magazine

As they're coming just a month after the debut of the updated 2013 Ram 1500 , it's no surprise that the new 2013 Heavy Duty 2500 and 3500 models share the light-duty truck's good looks. The biggest news for serious haulers is that the vaunted Cummins diesel now comes in three flavors. The lowest output version makes a stout 350 horsepower and 660 lb-ft of torque and comes with the only six-speed manual transmission in the segment. That's an improvement of 50 lb-ft from last year's stick-shift diesel, and it's matched with a new "wear-compensating" clutch that's supposed to feel like new until the day you finally wear it out. If you don't feel like rowing your own, or you need more power, the second option will net you 370 horsepower and 800 lb-ft of torque routed through a six-speed automatic. For those not willing to simply upgrade to a Peterbilt, the "High-Output" Cummins cranks out 385 horsepower and an even more ridiculous 850 lb-ft of torque and puts it through a new Aisin six-speed automatic. Even more important than all that for you serious truckers, though, is the addition of Diesel Exhaust Fluid. For a few years, Ram guys were able to boast that their diesels didn't have to worry about running out of DEF, but no more. All the cooling systems, from the engine to the transmission to the intercooler to the exhaust gas recirculation system, have been upgraded. Source: www.motortrend.com

2013 Ram 3500 HD Towing Capability Upped to 30000 Pounds - Car and Driver (blog)

The 3500 Heavy Duty has had its trailer capacity bumped up to 30,000 pounds compared it its nearest competitor’s 23,100 pounds. What’s more, it’s GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating), which includes the weight of the truck, trailer, and the load being carried, has been upped to 37,600 pounds compared to the other guys’ 30,500. Ram 2500s have had their capacities also... Source: blog.caranddriver.com
Dodge : Ram 3500 Cummins 6.7L 2013 SLT Lone Star Mega Cab 2013 dodge ram 3500 diesel 4 x 4… http://t.co/xdxaUFzTUc http://t.co/tCb2hIsH0b 08/22/15, @kaiserpoo1
Dodge : Ram 3500 Cummins 6.7L 2013 SLT Lone Star Mega Cab 2013 dodge ram 3500 diesel 4 x 4… http://t.co/c3ypg8VZfN http://t.co/qmfU8P47lO 08/22/15, @felicianoalbin
Dodge : Ram 3500 Cummins 6.7L 2013 SLT Lone Star Mega Cab 2013 dodge ram 3500 diesel 4 http://t.co/RVDEZQFta7 http://t.co/4AsjbBLCz8 08/22/15, @estradaatanasi5
Ram : 3500 Laramie 2013 dodge ram 3500 laramie drw 4 x 4 diesel navigation heated cooled seats: $1.00 (0 Bids... http://t.co/RuLHLFp0wV 08/22/15, @used_cars_77
Ram : 3500 Laramie 2013 dodge ram 3500 laramie drw 4 x 4 diesel navigation heated cooled s… http://t.co/ScV2eXfBx4 http://t.co/Ob9JkSklYG 08/22/15, @PrunellaWildefr
Dodge : Ram 3500 CREW 4X4 DIESEL DUALLY LONGBED 2013 dodge ram 3500 crew 4 x 4 diesel dual… http://t.co/Khsu5z43CR http://t.co/jjnkQ2oKKg 08/17/15, @giorgiofernand5
Dodge : Ram 3500 CREW 4X4 DIESEL DUALLY LONGBED 2013 dodge ram 3500 crew 4 x 4 diesel dual… http://t.co/O5f2B8nCkd http://t.co/bu8XvkiERe 08/17/15, @lopezrainero
Dodge : Ram 3500 CREW 4X4 DIESEL DUALLY LONGBED 2013 dodge ram 3500 crew 4 x 4 diesel dual… http://t.co/MBz6vHsKxF http://t.co/DQY0HBBmdn 08/17/15, @albinobellido
Dodge : Ram 3500 CREW 4X4 DIESEL DUALLY LONGBED 2013 dodge ram 3500 crew 4 x 4 diesel dual… http://t.co/Wm9jH34AU2 http://t.co/xQC5nXkwUV 08/17/15, @niceproducts9
  • Bosch expands several product lines

    08/17/15, via Modern Tire Dealer

    The remanufactured alternator is available for several Mercedes-Benz models including 2011-2013 E350, GL350 and S350 V6 Cyl. 3.0L turbocharged diesel. The two remanufactured ... part number covers 2014-2015 Dodge Ram 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500 6.4L Hemi.

  • 2013 Ram 3500 Laramie Limited

    08/08/15, via KSL

    2013 Dodge Ram 3500 4 door long bed. Loaded. Leather seats and dash. Stereo system with sub woofer. Heated and A/C seats. Heated steering wheel. Hands free phone system. Custom rims and tires. Tires are brand new - less than 1000 miles. Running boards.

  • Dodge Ram

    11/06/11, via TopSpeed

    Next to it the renowned 6.7-liter Cummins High-Output Turbo Diesel I-6 is now available in three versions: 350 HP, 370 HP and 385 HP. The 2013 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty will go on sale in the first quarter of 2013. Hit the jump to read more about the new 2013 ...

  • New Ram will generate ground-shaking torque

    06/21/15, via Dallas News

    Ram, the truck division of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, announced today that a version of its high-output 6.7-liter Cummins diesel will generate 900 pound-feet of torque in its 2016 heavy-duty pickups. To put that in perspective, that’s a level of torque ...

  • AEV transforms Ram 2500/3500 into the ultimate off-road work truck (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

    06/01/15, via Equipment World

    But in 2013 the popular off-road conversion firm unveiled a Ram concept truck at SEMA that sent everyone home wanting more. Now, the company has released a 5-product lineup that turns any Ram 2500 or 3500 into ... the your AEV Ram, you’ll need the ...

  • The Fast Lane Truck (TFLtruck) Names 2015 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty for Gold Hitch Award

    04/08/15, via Wards Auto

    April 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Fast Lane Truck (TFLtruck) has named the 2015 Ram 3500 with 6.7-liter Cummins the winner of its inaugural Gold Hitch Award in the heavy duty diesel segment. Within heavy duty classes, the Ram 3500 took top honors for...

  • 2013 Dodge Dart interior teasers

    03/30/15, via Green Car Reports

    Buying Guides June 22, 2015 Nissan Leaf Electric Car: Ultimate Guide, What... Buying Guides June 15, 2015 Toyota Prius C: Hybrid Subcompact Ultimate Guide... Buying Guides May 28, 2015 Used Electric Cars: About To Get Big, What You...

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http://www.LongBedMyTruck.com Call James at 801-397-0581...Here you have the Bonafide 2013, 2014 Longbed Conversion From LongBedMyTruck. With over 475 long bed truck conversions done to date, no one can match our track record of success and satisfaction. If you’re tired of having a great truck with a small bed, now’s the time to take a closer look into what we can do. Three days is all it takes. So schedule your conversion, your route and your vacation around us. With the scenic beauty of...

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