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Short video of my Syclone accelerating to aprox 80 mph on mild 2 bar tune. Basically stock truck! Looking for SY/TY custom fabricated parts.

  • black sport truck turbo alberta gmc lethbridge v6 syclone

    GMC Syclone

    V6 turbo sport truck - GMC Syclone

    Photo by dave_7 on Flickr

  • gmc trucks suv fast truck sport utility vehicle red typhoon syclone turbo v6 turbocharged 43 liter gray fog lights grey ground effects corvette z06 rims c5 c6 wheels

    1992 GMC Typhoon Red & Grey

    Nice guy, I talked to him for a bit... this beast is his daily driver. He has a real love & passion for these turbocharged GMCs.

    Photo by sixty8panther on Flickr

  • black classic cars coffee up car orlando gm turbo pick rare gmc syclone


    Photo by Joe Folino on Flickr

  • truck highway turbo gmc typhoon syclone


    Photo by iturgeon on Flickr

  • truck highway turbo gmc typhoon syclone


    Photo by iturgeon on Flickr

  • truck highway turbo gmc typhoon syclone


    Photo by iturgeon on Flickr

  • truck highway turbo gmc typhoon syclone


    Photo by iturgeon on Flickr

  • truck highway turbo gmc typhoon syclone


    Photo by iturgeon on Flickr

  • truck highway turbo gmc typhoon syclone


    Photo by iturgeon on Flickr

  • 1992 GMC Typhoon: First Drive Flashback

    07/30/15, via RoadandTrack.com (blog)

    The stimulation for such headway is supplied by a 90-degree, 4.3-liter V6 engine that made its debut last year in the GMC Syclone pickup. A Mitsubishi turbocharger and water-to-air intercooler are added to the induction system of the Jimmy engine.

  • 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata, Ferrari 488 Spider, 2017 Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe: The ...

    07/31/15, via Motor Authority

    The GMC Syclone was straight-up nuts when it was new in 1991. In fact, you couldn't buy Mercedes-AMG has been teasing something "fast" is coming with the sweet sound of what has to be the twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 engine. This week, the 

  • Jay Talks Up His GMC Syclone on Jay Leno's Garage

    07/28/15, via AutoTalk

    One of the greatest and most underappreciated machines that General Motors ever created was the GMC Syclone. With only a few thousand ever built, they are very rare, and thanks to a turbocharged V6, they were also very fast. In fact, when the Syclone

  • Bizarre Car of the Week: 1992 GMC Typhoon

    03/13/15, via New York Daily News

    The Typhoon was the Jimmy-based SUV version of GMC's Syclone, a turbocharged, all-wheel-drive truck that had technology and performance to rival supercars of the day. With a turbocharged and intercooled 4.3-liter V-6 mated to a 4-speed automatic 

  • Super Rare 1-Of-10 GMC Sylcone Marlboro Edition Surfaces On eBay

    07/01/15, via GM Authority (blog)

    The Syclone featured a turbocharged V6 engine, AWD, and 4-wheel ABS – features that could also be found on the Porsche Turbo, a vehicle that offered similar performance at a far greater price. As a result of its more-for-less mantra, Syclone was a huge

  • GMC Syclone With 7436 Miles On the Clock Going Under the Hammer [Photo Gallery]

    12/29/14, via autoevolution

    But a workhorse such as the F-Series doesn't always come with a turbocharged V6 or an oil burner with a chain smoking problem. Remember the Dodge Ram SRT-10 from 2004? Yeah, the one with the 8.3-liter Viper engine shoehorned under its vented 

  • At One Point In Time, A GMC Was Fast Enough To Face A Ferrari

    11/05/14, via GM Authority (blog)

    Ah, but let us not forget the V6 had been turbocharged to 14-psi and liquid-intercooled. That power was delivered to a full time, four-wheel drive system and matted to a four-speed automatic. There was even a torque converter to make the best of the

GMC Syclone Embarasses A C6 Z06 In A Drag Race: Video - GM Authority (blog)

The GMC Syclone was the least likely performance car to emerge from turbo era of the late 80s and early 90s. When Car and Driver tested it, the little black sport truck was faster than a Ferrari 348ts, packing 4. 3-liters of turbocharged,... The best part about this turbo GM LB4 engine was it still left plenty of meat on the bone for tuners, meaning there are many Syclones running around today with well over 500 horsepower. Based on how the Syclone in the video below annihilates the C6 Corvette Z06 it’s racing against, we’re going to say it’s good for at least 500 ponies. Thanks to its all-wheel drive layout the Syclone has the advantage from the start, but by the time the Z06 can take advantage of its mid-range grunt, it’s too late. Source: gmauthority.com
Actually, nevermind. Make it AWD, and throw in the turbo v6 from the ATS-V. GMC Syclone revival, bitches! 08/24/15, @RedRockRex
#TurboCharger #Turbo New GMC Syclone Typhoon Turbo Turbocharger Genuine OEM Mitsubishi TD06-17C http://t.co/TO5W3ui7iD #AutoParts #Vehicles 08/24/15, @autopartsrus
1991 GMC Syclone - 262cid V6 - Rear Mount 88mm Precision Turbo http://t.co/8Ou3ZvSeNm 08/21/15, @TURBOG8R352
Turbo Compressor Wheel Mitsubishi TD06 TD06H 20G GMC Syclone Typhoon http://t.co/nMmQtzUg3V http://t.co/4WhA1B3Hnl 08/19/15, @legazaquirino
  • 12 Best Pickup Engines of All Time

    Its maximum power output of 255 hp seems ridiculously tame by today’s standards, especially from such large displacement, but in the early ’90s, it was the hottest hauler you could get, at least until the smaller GMC Syclone turbo came out. Not only ...

  • Jay Leno Shows Off His 1991 GMC Syclone

    impressive reliability (for an early-‘90s high-performance turbo), and era-defining performance ensure the Syclone’s place in the history books. Check out the video below to hear Jay himself give viewers the full rundown on this fascinating little GMC ...

  • GMC Syclone spools up a storm on Jay Leno's Garage

    07/27/15, via MSN

    A pickup with a turbo V6 might not seem that impressive by today's standards, but in the early 1990s a GMC Syclone like the one in Jay Leno's Garage was king of the American road.A storm was brewing on American roads in the early 1990s. That's when Detroit ...

  • Buy this GMC Syclone and a trailer hitch BBQ pit

    12/03/13, via Road Track

    The GMC Syclone not only had 280 hp and 350 lb-ft of yank but laid down all its fury via all-wheel drive, with power split 35/65 percent front-to-rear. How fast was the boosted shortbed? Well, it could get to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds and outrun a freakin ...

  • Crapwagon Outtake: GMC Syclone and Typhoon

    06/08/15, via Truth About Cars

    GM didn’t want to miss the party and commissioned a limited run of turbo 4.3 V6s, threw some monochrome cladding ... Anyone else recall Car and Driver’s comparison between the Syclone and a Ferrari 348? Those silly Ann Arbor boys tossed a Confederate ...

  • Teal Typhoon: This Turbo GMC Will Take You Back to the ’90s in a Hurry

    06/04/15, via CAR AND DRIVER

    Here on eBay is a mint version of the Syclone’s twin brother, the GMC Typhoon. The Typhoon was built by GM from ... with the addition of a Mitsubishi TD06 turbocharger, made 280 horsepower and 360 lb-ft of torque. But it wasn’t just the raw power ...

  • GMC Syclone vs. Ford F-150 Lightning: Which Would You Buy?

    03/09/15, via Bold Ride

    Ford and GM figured out two different hot-truck recipes in the ’90s, most famously yielding the F-150 SVT Lightning and the GMC Syclone ... 14 psi worth of turbocharger to its 4.3-liter Vortec V6. It sprinted like a man on fire. The Syclone hard-lined ...

~~SOLD~~1991 GMC Syclone For Sale~17k Original Miles~All Original Including The Tires!

~~SOLD~~1991 GMC Syclone For Sale~17k Original Miles~All Original Including The Tires!

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