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1992 Dodge Ramcharger

This is my 1992 Dodge Ramcharger LE. Its running about 154000 miles(LOW MILIAGE FOR THE YEAR)!!!! It has the 5.2l 318 magnum engine with a 727 tranny.

  • sport canyon dodge 1992 ramcharger

    1992 ramcharger canyon sport

    Photo by studie62 on Flickr

  • sport canyon dodge 1992 ramcharger

    dodge ramcharger

    Photo by studie62 on Flickr

  • sport canyon dodge 1992 ramcharger

    1992 ramcharger canyon sport

    Photo by studie62 on Flickr

  • sport canyon dodge 1992 ramcharger

    1992 ramcharger canyon sport

    Photo by studie62 on Flickr

  • international fleetstar 2050a dv550b clay ny town highway department government municipal sander truck

    Town of Clay, NY 1972 International Fleetstar F-2050A sander_1

    Engine: I-H DV550B V-8 diesel Transmissions: 5 speed main & 4 speed auxiliary I took these pictures back in 1992 while this Town of Clay, NY '72 Fleetstar was up for auction. The truck looked a little worn but...

    Photo by JMK40 on Flickr

  • 1992 dodge powerwagon ramcharger

    Photo by fried tadders on Flickr

  • Let Me Hear Your Big Boy Theft Stories

    07/08/13, via D Magazine

    We took a chain and wrapped it around his legs, waist, and arms several times and hooked him to the back of my Dads 1989 Dodge Ramcharger and let er rip. With almost no resistance the big boy started following us down the road minus one foot that was 

  • Collectible Classic: 1966-1977 Ford Bronco

    12/10/13, via Automobile Magazine

    Judging by their ubiquity, banality, and occasional absurdity, you might say sport-utility vehicles have jumped the shark. In fact, if we're using Happy Days as a metric, you might say Arthur Fonzarelli has grown fat and old in the Cunninghams' garage 

  • Tesla Model X: Electric, all-wheel drive, and crazy folding doors

    02/09/12, via CNET (blog)

    The Jeep Wrangler, the original Ford Bronco, Chevy Blazer and Dodge Ramcharger, those were/are SUVs--everything else is nothing but a jacked-up station wagon. Not_Your_5pts. You do realize that "gull-wing" doors are named as such after sea gulls, also

  • 2014 NORRA Mexican 1000 Registration Opens

    01/07/14, via Four Wheeler Magazine

    The first to register for the iconic vintage race was Dave Sykes who raced last year in his #46 1972 Ford/Dodge mutt race truck affectionately named “Superfodge.” Sykes entered his race truck into one of NORRA's most popular classes, the Vintage Open 

  • Ford F-Series Heads List of Top 12 Most Profitable Cars Since 1990

    11/21/11, via MotorTrend Magazine

    Ever wondered which vehicles make manufacturers the most money? So did auto industry analyst Max Warburton. Together with his London-based team at BernsteinResearch, he came up with a list of the most profitable vehicles manufactured since 1990.

  • Ambitious Achievable? Interim CAFE 32 mpg by 2015

    04/22/08, via MotorTrend Magazine

    The current standard for cars, 27.5 mpg, goes back to 1990 and the one for trucks, 22.2 mpg, was set in 1992. More recent tax . I had an old Dodge Ramcharger that weighed 5,000 lbs with a big block in it, I get 15 MPG with that truck. I have a daily

  • Peugeot 309 Profile

    10/28/06, via RallyeInfo Ltd

    Once groupB was banned from the WRC, and the Peugeot 205 T16 with it, Peugeot stayed involved with groupA rallying mainly in national championships. Here the preferred car however was not the groupA 205 GTI but the 309 GTI. Indeed, don't 

Let Me Hear Your Big Boy Theft Stories - D Magazine

In our July issue, I wrote a little ditty about the time a couple of my high school buddies and I stole a Kip’s Big Boy. And if you have something you, too, would like to get off your chest, the comments are open for your own personal Big Boy stories. Our target was the Big Boy at Belt Line and 75. We pre-loosened the bolts and made sure we had a long-bed truck to handle the load. The plan for the Big Boy was to use an intricate pulley system to get him to the top of Berkner High School and then fill him with cement, making him weigh close to 2 tons (we figured) and requiring significant heavy machinery. The Big Boy spent one night in my backyard and then made his way to a party where he spent the evening in a hot tub. Someone’s mom ratted us out to the Richardson PD. The Big Boy, it turns out, is valued at $6,000 and falls under the same laws as auto theft. Kip’s (or whoever the parent company is) had a guy whose whole job was driving around, looking for and dealing with stolen Big Boys. After completing 6 months of hard time at McDonalds in my hometown of Amarillo, I decided that if they ever left the flags up at night I was going to score me a big red M flag for time served. No where near as courageous as stealing Ron himself or a big boy, but a story none the less. Source:

Collectible Classic: 1966-1977 Ford Bronco - Automobile Magazine

Just look at the simple, highly capable, first-generation Ford Bronco. The Bronco wasn't the first vehicle of its kind, but it was the first to hint that the segment -- which in the mid-1960s was quite small -- had a lot of potential. Ford, hot off its success creating the pony car, saw the glimmer of a new niche. " The Bronco, when it debuted for 1966, was a rather rudimentary first draft of Frey's vision. Unlike the CJ or the Scout, the Bronco rode on coil springs up front rather than more common leaf springs, and it could be ordered with V-8 power (International swiftly responded with an eight-cylinder model of its own). Ford touted the Bronco not merely as an off-roader or a utility vehicle but also as a "new kind of sports car with 4-wheel drive. " It handed over the new Bronco to racer/builder Bill Stroppe, who had successfully campaigned Lincolns in the Carrera Panamericana races of the 1950s. Stroppe focused on a new race called the Mexican 1000 Rally -- later known as the Baja 1000 --... By the early 1970s, the Bronco had become a popular platform for the growing crowd of recreational off-roaders, who appreciated (and continue to. Source:

Tesla Model X: Electric, all-wheel drive, and crazy folding doors - CNET (blog)

LOS ANGELES--The highlight of the Model X introduction, Tesla's SUV, was not the electric power train, but what the company calls the falcon-wing doors. So during a preview for a small group of journalists at Tesla's design center in Los Angeles, Tesla CEO Elon Musk focused on the innovative side doors. Unlike gull-wing doors, Tesla's doors can open in much narrower spaces. Like the Model S, the Model X has its lithium ion battery pack in the base of the car. Tesla will likely offer the same battery configuration options that it does for the Model S, although the Model X should get 10 percent to 12 percent less range due to its increased weight. But in keeping with the Model X's SUV-style body, Tesla will offer an all-wheel-drive variant, along with a base rear-wheel-drive model. For all-wheel drive, Tesla puts another motor at the front wheels. Unlike gas engine cars, which can shift torque from front to back, Tesla can reduce or increase torque at each set of wheels individually. That means the car's computer can tell the front motor to apply, for example, 25 percent torque, while still giving 100 percent torque to the rear wheels, based on the driving conditions. Source:
  • Used Dodge Vehicles for Sale

    08/16/15, via AutoGuide

    Our used car classifieds section provides an easy-to-search listing of vehicles. Find compact cars, subcompact cars, family sedans, luxury cars, sportscars, exotics, hybrids, SUVs, trucks and crossovers for sale in your area. Start searching our database ...

  • 1992 Dodge Ramcharger - Features & Specs

    11/14/14, via Edmunds

    WIDTH 6 ft. 7.5 in. (79.5 in.) HEIGHT 5 ft. 9.7 in. (69.7 in.) LENGTH 15 ft. 8.8 in. (188.8 in.) GROUND CLEARANCE 0 ft. 7.6 in. (7.6 in.) WHEEL BASE 8 ft. 10 in. (106 in.) MAXIMUM TOWING CAPACITY** 7000 lbs. MAXIMUM PAYLOAD** 1335.0 lbs. GROSS WEIGHT 5600 lbs.

  • 1992 Dodge Ramcharger - Features & Specs

    11/13/14, via Edmunds

    MAXIMUM CARGO CAPACITY 106 cu.ft. ** When adequately equipped, which may require engine and/or other drivetrain upgrades. The Edmunds TCO® insurance data for this vehicle coming soon... For an accurate quote, contact our trusted partner on the right.

  • Collectible Classic: 1966-1977 Ford Bronco

    10/02/13, via Automobile

    Judging by their ubiquity, banality, and occasional absurdity, you might say sport-utility vehicles have jumped the shark. In fact, if we're using Happy Days as a metric, you might say Arthur Fonzarelli has grown fat and old in the Cunninghams' garage ...

  • 1992 Dodge Ramcharger

    12/08/11, via Kelley Blue Book

    "This truck has been great. Never fails to start in the cold Iowa winters where temps constantly get below 0, no major mechanical issues. Its a trooper and it's a shame they don't make em like this anymore"

  • 1993 Dodge Ramcharger

    09/09/11, via Kelley Blue Book

    "you get into one of these trucks and it feels like home tons of power go anywhere ive ran it out of oil got out filled it back out and kept going with no issues this truck will never stop i think everyone should have atleast one it corners like a car"

1978 Dodge Ramcharger Commercial Film - Ford Bronco & Chevy Blazer Comparison Film

1978 Dodge Ramcharger Commercial Film - Ford Bronco & Chevy Blazer Comparison Film

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