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Taking a drive in the 1985 Dodge Ram D100 Custom 225 Slant-6

Had to do something with my boredom, haha. Specs of this truck - Engine: 225ci Slant Six RG tall block with a 1bbl carb. Transmission: Torqueflite 727 3 speed ...

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    Dodge Truck - still RAM tough after 50 years!

    A rusted old Dodge showing its age. (I think it's a 1959 model D100 pickup truck) Taken during the Roswell Photographic Society Road trip to: Old Car City a.k.a. Lewis World of Parts White, Georgia, USA

    Photo by StGrundy on Flickr

  • truck pickup dodge mopar d100 custom ram 1986 carlisle carshow carlislepa tubbed carlisleallchryslernationals

    1986 Dodge Ram D-100

    There's a feature article on this truck in the June 2014 issue of Mopar Muscle. Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals, July 13, 2013.

    Photo by splattergraphics on Flickr

  • truck diesel plymouth dodge ram powerwagon trailduster ramcharger powerram

    1980 plymouth trailduster sno-commander

    sold this one to a buddy.

    Photo by studie62 on Flickr

  • toronto ontario canada truck nikond100 gimp pickup crop dodge ram nico ufraw canadianinternationalautoshow dsc13282editcrop

    Lyin' Down on the Job

    Nico at the AutoShow!

    Photo by Ian Muttoo on Flickr

  • dodge junkyard d100 ram powerwagon ramcharger w150

    dodge grave yard.

    at a junkyard in florida, its was weird walking though a junk yard with sand....

    Photo by studie62 on Flickr

  • truck pickup dodge junkyard mopar d100 ram

    dodge ram

    Photo by studie62 on Flickr

  • truck pickup dodge mopar d100 ram 1986 carshow boonsboromd masondixondragway midatlanticmoparmeet

    1986 Dodge Ram D-100

    32nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Mopar Meet, Mason-Dixon Dragway, Boonsboro, MD, May 17, 2015.

    Photo by splattergraphics on Flickr

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    Rough Dodge

    A Dodge D100 at the Street Mag Show Hamburg. © Dennis Matthies My photographs are copyrighted and may not be altered, printed, published in any media and/or format, or re-posted in other websites/blogs.

    Photo by My god, it's full of cars! on Flickr

  • usa black up car america truck germany army us big cool ride diesel military awesome hamburg engine pickup pickuptruck camo turbo bumper german american worn vehicle dodge strong d200 pick ram powerful cummins 2500 rollbar flatbed dieselengine dodgeram americancar foglights bullbar turbodiesel usaamerica carvehicle coolawesome awesomeride dodgeram2500 ridecar


    A Dodge D100 at the Street Mag Show Hamburg. © Dennis Matthies My photographs are copyrighted and may not be altered, printed, published in any media and/or format, or re-posted in other websites/blogs.

    Photo by My god, it's full of cars! on Flickr

  • Toutle man captures wildlife on hidden cameras in woods

    02/21/15, via Longview Daily News

    In the summer, when the weather is better, Wheeler also rigs larger single lens reflex cameras, such as the Canon Rebel or Nikon D100. He favors the Canon because its shutter is quieter. With larger external battery packs, those camera can be left out

  • Ford 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 deep dive

    10/09/14, via AutoWeek

    It's the smallest engine in any full-size pickup built by the Detroit Three since World War II, including the 170-cid, slant-six Dodge D100 in the 1960s. It's smaller than the V6s in the current Nissan Frontier or Chevy Colorado, and exactly the same

  • 1990 Dodge Truck - Ultimate Tug-Truck: Part 4

    09/23/14, via Four Wheeler Network

    BDS offers a massive adjustable front track bar for late-model Ram heavy-duty pickups, so we had one sent to use on our Tug-Truck. The link has a slight bend to clear the differential cover, and is solid material with a threaded adjuster for centering

  • Canadian cities being forced to question value of taxi-permit system

    07/19/15, via Winnipeg Free Press

    George Ene, who has been driving a taxi for 19 years, waits for a fare in Old Montreal Tuesday, July 14, 2015 in Montreal. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz. Advertisment. 2013 Ford Escape SE *Finance Price $19,960.00 OAC* for $20,960 · 2013 Ford 

  • Ikea to install free electric vehicle charging stations at all 12 Canadian shops

    07/09/15, via Winnipeg Free Press

    Ikea Canada says it is installing charging stations for electric vehicles at all 12 of its stores across Canada. An electric vehicle is shown attached to a charging station on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 in Montpelier, Vt. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP-Toby Talbot.

  • Auction Circuit Secret: Classic Pickups Are Still Affordable

    09/05/14, via

    What you're not seeing at auctions in any appreciable numbers are Dodge trucks. When they do appear, they are usually modified with sporting first-generation Hemi V-8s. What hasn't yet appeared is the truck counterpart of a classic Mopar muscle car 

  • Report: New Land Rover Defender Won't Look like DC100 Concept

    08/12/14, via Automobile Magazine

    The iconic Land Rover Defender will reappear sometime within the next few years, and the design of this new SUV has reportedly been finalized, according to AutoCar. While we previously speculated that the Defender would look like the Land Rover DC100 

Toutle man captures wildlife on hidden cameras in woods - Longview Daily News

TOUTLE — The woods are Cliff Wheeler’s photography studio, and the animals that live there are his unassuming subjects. Over the years, Wheeler has set out hidden cameras and recorded thousands of images of wildlife: deer, elk, bear, cougar, beaver, mink, eagles and other species. The animals in some of his photos are posed so well posed that it looks like he crouched in a blind to get a perfectly framed shot. Other photos show just the head or rear legs of a critter trotting by. Most of the animals appear oblivious to the camera, though one bear stuck its nose into the camera for what looked like a selfie. Wheeler grew up in the Toutle area and worked in the woods for Weyerhaeuser for years before moving to a job at the company’s Longview mill. One recent day, Wheeler hiked in to check four cameras he had set out several weeks earlier near the south side of the Toutle River. It takes about an hour of hiking past a closed gate to reach Wheelers’ cameras. “We can’t put them on the roads because someone would steal a camera,” Wheeler said. He also had to take a break from trail camera photography last fall because Weyerhaeuser leased the land he uses to a group of hunters. Source:

Ford 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 deep dive - AutoWeek

Its architecture is different from Ford’s current line of 3. 5-3. 7 V6s, with square bore-stroke dimensions of 83 mm. The engine block--or at least its upper portion around the cylinder bores--is cast from compacted graphite iron (CGI). Ford says the 2. 7 EcoBoost is the first gasoline-fueled serial production engine with a CGI block. Compared to conventional cast iron, CGI provides substantially better tensile strength, 45 percent greater stiffness and twice the fatigue strength. It has more dimensional stability and better NVH damping qualities than aluminum, and while it’s heavier than aluminum, it’s much denser. The CGI casting basically follows the angle of the cylinders down to the crank journals and caps. The skirt and lower crankcase is aluminum--trimming weight where strength is less an issue--and bolts to flanges on the CGI upper. Two bolts in the four-bolt mains attach the caps to the CGI portion. The other two go through the aluminum ladder and caps to the CGI block. Other notable features include a plastic intake manifold and oil pan (for weight savings), a structural aluminum front cover (for NVH), a variable displacement oil pump (yielding reduced friction and better fuel economy), and a cartridge-only oil... Source:

1990 Dodge Truck - Ultimate Tug-Truck: Part 4 - Four Wheeler Network

Our Ultimate Tug-Truck is a big anvil of a truck, heavy and tough, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be nimble like a rugby player who can tiptoe and twist down the pitch avoiding the opposing team and leaping to score a try. Basically we’re building this big Cummins-powered Dodge to be fast like a running back, strong like a lineman, flexible like a pair of yoga pants, and as simple as the water boy. ) Tug-Truck has been getting transformed at Pacific Fabrication in Gilroy, California, and this month we’ll show you the custom suspension destined to earn its keep rolling down the highway and flexing up the trails we find on the UA. This is the... Every year we build something different to showcase the sponsors and ideals of UA, and this year we started with a ’90 Dodge two-wheel drive that had been used as an airplane tug by the military. Our build plan has changed slightly over the course (as often happens), but as we type up this installment we are literally weeks from the start of the trip and slinging wrenches faster than Bruce Lee wields nunchucks to get this big truck to the... Want to see more of the UA build and how the truck did on the trail. An episode of Dirt Every Day will showcase the truck build, airing on YouTube November 13, 2014. Then the first week of December we will be airing the Ultimate Adventure week of wheeling on the Motor Trend channel on YouTube. Source:
RT @JohnGilrey: My truck is fresh as a mofo #dodge #ram #d100 #trucks #merica 08/17/15, @CooldogSv
  • Fiat Chrysler must offer to buy back Rams, SUVs in settlement of claims of mishandled recalls

    View 159 more Dodge Ram 1500 listings. DETROIT - Fiat Chrysler could be required to lay out hundreds of millions of dollars to get potentially defective Ram pickups and older Jeeps off the road under a deal with U.S. safety regulators to settle claims that ...

  • 1986 Dodge D/W Series

    07/13/15, via KSL

    $900 OBO ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED 1986 Dodge Ram D100 Pickup gray blue, not original motor it now has 318 engine. Motor runs strong. SOLD AS IS. Clutch is wearing out but still working. Camper not included but can be sold for $750 separate or with the truck.

  • 1968 DODGE D100 for sale

    04/09/15, via Classic Cars For Sale

    The interior is well maintained and looks very stylish. The Dodge has fabulous White Wall tires with the original rims. US Import, This car already has been imported. All import taxes and fees are already paid for. The car has a US Title and Customs documents.

  • Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 & Off Road

    02/24/15, via Four Wheeler

    Since its inception, the Dodge Ram series has been known for several admirable attributes. Among the most impressive is the sheer ability of these trucks. These full-sized trucks weren't intended to sit on the side lines and look pretty. They were designed ...

  • 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup

    12/18/14, via MSN

    First introduced in 1970, Plum Crazy paint returns to the Mopar muscle cars on a wide range of trim levels. Dodge will reveal a crazy new paint color for the 2016 Dodge Charger sedan and 2016 Dodge Challenger coupe, called Plum Crazy.

  • Junkyard Find: 1975 Dodge D100 Pickup

    11/22/14, via Truth About Cars

    Since many Dodge D-series pickup parts fit my ’66 A100 van I’m always on the lookout for members of the species while visiting the junkyard. Today’s D100, which I found in a Denver self-service wrecking yard a couple of weeks back, is a little too ...

  • 1965 Dodge D100 - Nickel-and-Dime Dodge

    In our searching, we can honestly say that we’ve very rarely come across a vehicle like Justin VanDyke’s ’65 Dodge D100. While the truck didn’t originally come with a diesel, a 5.9L VE pump Cummins was picked straight out of a non-intercooled first ...

1985 Dodge Ram D100

1985 Dodge Ram D100

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