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Audi A8 4,2 1997 bam

  • audi a8 audia8

    Audi 1997 A8 Quattro

    Photo by Niranjan Arminius on Flickr

  • used engines audi a8 quattro1997

    Audi A8 Quattro1997 Used Engines

    Audi A8 Quattro1997 Used Engines available at with following specification: description:Gas Engine 4.2, COLD COMP150-190, RIV Fits:1997 Audi A8 Quattro...

    Photo by Johny Wilde on Flickr

  • 1997 audi v8 a8quattro a842

    Audi A8 4.2 Quattro 1997

    Photo by RL GNZLZ on Flickr

  • 1997 audi a8 audia8

    1997 Audi A8 4.2

    Base retail list price for 1997 A8 4.2: $64,500.

    Photo by R36 Coach on Flickr

  • 1997 audi a8 37e

    1997 Audi A8 3.7E

    Recently i've been seeing a lot of cars from the islands

    Photo by Nutrilo on Flickr

  • 1997 audi a8 audia8

    1997 Audi A8

    Photo by R36 Coach on Flickr

  • red radio 1997 lcd audi a8 straightened climatecontrol

    11.7.13: Nighttime Dash

    Photo by Ruff Edge Design on Flickr

  • 1997 audi a8 mingblue

    01.01.2015: Back Together

    Photo by Ruff Edge Design on Flickr

  • garage repair audi a8

    12.31.14: He Fixes Things

    Working on the 1997 Audi A8

    Photo by Ruff Edge Design on Flickr

  • Who's Where: Martin Pohanka leaves Porsche to become chief designer, interior ...

    08/13/15, via Car Design News (subscription) (blog)

    Following his graduation from Pforzheim in 1997, Pohanka worked for Audi AG in Ingolstadt, principally on seats for the A6 and A8 models. He then moved to Porsche in 2001, working first on the user interface for the 997-generation 911 and 987-era

  • Audi claims new S8 is the most powerful premium saloon

    09/01/15, via Galway Independent

    You've seen Ronin, right? The 1997 film featuring Robert De Niro and Jean Reno trying to out-cool each other for two hours? You remember the scene where they use an Audi S8 (described by Skip Sudduth's driver as “something I can hustle…†) on a 

  • Old vs. New: 1994 Audi A8 vs. Audi A8 Edition 21

    07/26/15, via

    In addition, 1997 marked the addition of the legendary Quattro all-wheel-drive system on the Audi A8, with Quattro-equipped A8s also receiving the first generation of Audi's classic 4.2-liter V8. Even Audi's famous “warm weather package,” which

  • 25 Jahre Lamborghini Diablo: Teuflisch stark

    09/03/15, via Autohaus

    Qualitäten, die Ende der 1990er Jahre auch die Audi-Ingenieure und Ferdinand Piech begeisterten, als es eigentlich nur darum ging, ob das Audi-A8-Triebwerk einen sogenannten Baby-Lamborghini befeuern sollte. Im Januar 1990 stand aber erst einmal die

  • Teuflisch stark: Tradition: 25 Jahre Lamborghini Diablo

    08/24/15, via DIE WELT

    Er vermittelte den Eindruck unbändiger Kraft, verbunden mit von italienischen Supercars nie gekannter Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit. Kein Wunder, wollte der Lamborghini Diablo doch den vormaligen King of Speed Porsche 959 entthronen. Und nebenbei 

  • 2016 Audi A8

    05/15/15, via The Car Connection

    When Audi's A8 made its debut with an optional W-12 engine and its aluminum space frame, we were dazzled. But the A8 took the long road in becoming a legitimate competitor for the full-size sedans from Mercedes-Benz and BMW. In its current generation, 

  • 66. IAA in Frankfurt: Autoschau der Superlative

    08/18/15, via

    Da das Flaggschiff A8 in sein letztes Lebensjahr geht, krönt Audi die Baureihe mit dem sportlichen Topmodell S8 Plus. War schon der konventionelle S8 mit seinen 384 kW / 520 PS aus dem aufgeladenen Vierliter-V8 nicht schwachbrüstig, so tritt der S8

Audi claims new S8 is the most powerful premium saloon - Galway Independent

You remember the scene where they use an Audi S8 (described by Skip Sudduth's driver as âsomething I can hustleâ¦â) on a high speed car chase in the Alps. Well, Audi has just seriously updated the S8, and it's now boasting the sort of power than could make a car chase irrelevant - nothing could beat this. Well, it's using the 4. 0-litre TFSI V8 turbo, also seen in the RS6 and Bentley Continental GT, to rather good effect. Audi claims it will get from 0-62mph in 3. 8secs and on to a top speed approaching 200mph, 189. 5mph to be Germanically precise. Ulrich Hackenberg, Board Member for Technical Development at Audi. âThe new Audi S8 plus has a substantial gain in power and defines the pinnacle of sporty performance in the segment. Part of the performance comes from the A8's lightweight aluminum space frame chassis, which Audi says weighs just 231kg before you start hanging engines and interiors on it. The 4. 0 V8 engine, which Audi says is 'sonorous' (we think that means... Oh, and that eye-catching top speed actually needs an optional de-limiter function - normally, it's held back at 155mph like all good German fast saloons. The engine's basically the same as it is in the RS6, but with tweaked engine management and a modified turbo to unleash the extra horses. Source:

Review: Tesla's new Model S P85D—double your engines, double your fun - Ars Technica (blog)

In its December 1997 issue , Road & Track published the first US road test of the otherworldly McLaren F1. The issue became one of the most famous in R&T’s history due to the 12+ page review of a car with which the stateside automotive press... I remember reading with wide eyes about how the F1’s 627bhp BMW-built V-12 could rocket the car from 60 miles per hour to 160 miles per hour in the time it took to pour a glass of water. "Surely," I thought as I read and re-read the review with the fervor that only a teenage boy could have for the hottest of hot cars, "I’ll go my whole life and never get the chance to drive anything even remotely that fast. The F1 is a limited-run, hand-built marvel that cost a million dollars new and featured an engine compartment lined with gold foil to deal with the exhaust heat from that earthshaking BMW V12. It’s the kind of car teenagers buy posters of. In... It won't top 200 miles per hour. Your teenager probably won't buy a Tesla poster. But the Tesla does have the power to beat the McLaren F1 off the line, run dead even with it to 60 miles per hour in 3. 2 seconds, and hit the quarter-mile mark only a few tenths off of the McLaren’s 11. 1 seconds. Source:
NuGeon Remanufactured Disc Brake Caliper fits 1997-1999 Audi A8 Qu 09/04/15, @fulvio_car
Bosch Engine Crankshaft Position Sensor fits 1997-1999 Audi A8 A8 09/04/15, @wainfeldmelito
Bosch Engine Crankshaft Position Sensor fits 1997-1999 Audi A8 A8 09/04/15, @wainfeldmelito
Bosch Engine Crankshaft Position Sensor fits 1997-1999 Audi A8 A8 09/04/15, @quezadasenen3
AUDI A8 A4 S4 COLUMN WINDSHIELD WIPER SWITCH 1997 - 2003 4D0 953 503 B 09/03/15, @eleazarsenties
1997 audi A8 quattro - throttle body 4.2L 09/02/15, @newlylistedo
Audi a8 4.2 (1997-1999) Transmission Filter NEW OEM + 1 year Warranty 09/02/15, @villarurbano
1997-2002 Audi A8 Interior Rear View Mirror 14D836 09/01/15, @gliceriofuente4
29pc white canbus for Audi A8 D2 LED lamp Interior Light Kit (1997-2002) 09/01/15, @nemesiobasave3
  • Audi A8 4.2 TDI - Flagship with a conscience?

    09/01/15, via DAILY MAVERICK

    It would take another seven years before Audi launched its first viable S-class and 7-Series contender. The 1997 A8 became the world’s first production car with an aluminium chassis – or Aluminium Space Frame, as it’s still known. It was a bold ...

  • 1997 AUDI A8 for sale

    08/13/15, via Classic Cars For Sale

    Another of those that are not really our thing! A super value for money high performance saloon. It comes with a comprehensive history folder which includes its original dealer pack with full main dealer service history up too 83k. Last service recorded at ...

  • Junkyard Find: 1998 Audi A8

    08/03/15, via Truth About Cars

    I was headed over to the Denver U-Pull-&-Pay last week, in search of some bits for my ’41 Plymouth project, and I resolved to find and photograph a high-end Audi. Sure enough, here’s this clean A8, not as new as I’d like, but still an excellent ...

  • Old vs. New: 1994 Audi A8 vs. Audi A8 Edition 21

    07/26/15, via TLF Car

    The first-generation A8 was a platform for many of Audi’s stellar technical achievements. For 1997, the first year that the A8 was available for the US market, Audi introduced electronic stability control and front and rear side airbags on the A8––no ...

  • Audi A8 2003

    07/14/15, via Honest John

    After much research, I went for the final "MY08" facelift of the D3 generation A8(post 2007 facelift in the hope all the serious niggles were ironed out), with high spec and 65,000miles on the clock and a full Audi Service History. To say I've been ...

  • 15 Automotive Aluminum Warriors

    02/25/15, via MotorTrend Magazine

    When the all-aluminum Audi R8 first launched in 2008, it became an instant hit thanks to outstanding style and an engine lineup that includes a sweet-sounding V-10. Audi has slashed weight in the second-generation model with a combination of aluminum and a ...

  • Audi A8 2010

    02/09/15, via Honest John

    Excellent car marred by poor boot space (an Audi A6 is a more practical proposition if you frequently carry loads, bigger boot plus the rear seats fold down), does not have the ride quality though or all the toys.

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