Mysterious informer helps dealership recover its stolen cars -

Joe Lentini, 60, stood across from the stranger who promised to get his stolen cars back. Lentini frisked the man for weapons and lifted his own shirt to show he wasn't wired. Together, they headed to the back of an abandoned house, where one of Lentini's cars was supposed to be parked. Founded in 1969, Ted's Auto Sales at 4021 66th St. N is owned by brothers Ted and Lou Tenaglia. The dealership sells about 80 pre-owned cars a month. He became one 45 years ago in Massachusetts and then moved to Florida in 1991, where he worked for dealerships throughout Tampa Bay. Among the applicants was Carl Mikell, a married man with a young daughter who lived less than a mile away. Mikell's mother had previously been a clerk at the dealership. He was honest with Lentini about his four-year prison stint on 2006 charges, according to records, of burglary, cocaine possession and carrying a concealed weapon. Lentini gave him a chance. Mikell, 34, biked to work every day. "A model employee," Lentini said. He did tree work on the side and lawn work. On May 27, a 2014 Kia Optima heading to auction went missing while parked outside the dealership. On May 31, a man from Fort Myers who said his wife was being treated at a local hospital walked into the dealership. Source: