Social media traffic jam in first half 2015 -

FROM SUVS falling off the Skyway to doomsday scenarios of the evil Skynet caused by Sarah O’Connor’s tweet, the first half of 2015 social media traffic generators kept the social media busy with Twitter and Facebook posts and shares. Here’s a short compilation of some of the most notable ones for the first half of 2015. ‘Judgement Day’ robot panic. Earlier this month, what turned out to be a horrible accident where a robot accidentally killed a factory worker in one of Volkswagen’s production plants in Germany and became a real-life “Robopocalypse. On the same day, a Financial Times reporter Tweeted the story that became viral. Sci-fi buffs pounced upon FT reporter Sarah O’Connor’s tweet because her fictional namesake was the mother of Jack Connor of the “Terminator” movies. Both mother and son were unwilling heroes trying to prevent “evil” machines run by a program called Skynet trying to start a war that will lead to the extinction of the human race. She tweeted: “A robot has killed a worker in a VW plant in Germany,” and the message was then retweeted over 6,000 times on the first day alone. Last May, social media netizens were up in arms after photos of a black Toyota Fortuner turned turtle on the streets of BGC hitting a pregnant Australian national Jacinta Coote while innocently crossing the street. Source: