Ten used hybrid cars to avoid - Christian Science Monitor

And just because it says "Hybrid" on the badge doesn't mean that it will get particularly good gas mileage or be particularly pleasant vehicle to drive. Perhaps most worrisome, it may also be unfamiliar to your local dealer's service and maintenance staff, because so many hybrid orphans sold in such low numbers. And it's hardly a volume vehicle, with fewer than 7,000 sold in all of 2014. That means the hybrid version of the Touareg is likely to be rarer yet, most likely no more than 15 percent of that number--and perhaps considerably less, considering... Total power output was 380 horsepower and 428 lb-ft of torque, and all-wheel drive was standard in the U. S. The hybrid Touareg drove nicely enough in our test, and we certainly liked the same powertrain in its Porsche Cayenne Hybrid incarnation... But we worry that down the road, while the Touareg Hybrid was on sale for five model years, its very low volumes will pose service challenges. We also note that VW Group is now deemphasizing conventional hybrids and moving to a next generation of more powerful hybrid systems with. Source: www.csmonitor.com