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Six months later, father and son, assisted by a couple of friends who sewed the seats and did the pin-striping, completed the gleaming green pickup that to date has earned eight trophies at area car shows. It sports a “moonshiner” theme, complete with a faux barrel of moonshine — it’s actually a tool box that Stange uses for storage — a jug on the front seat, a barrel-shaped shift knob, and a plate with the Snuffy Smith cartoon character on it.... The car originally belonged to a friend who bought it for his son. “I snatched it up as soon as I could,” said Walker, a self-described “car guy” whose father was a Chevrolet mechanic and later worked at Ford Motor Co. ’s Wayne assembly plant. Phelan said he sees people in the Detroit area with cars like Oldsmobile 88s or Chevrolet Caprices, often with interesting added accessories. He can easily tick off a whole number of them just in the muscle-car category: “Any Mustang or any Corvette will be part of the list. Those are probably the two peak American cars. A lot of people think of that as the original muscle car. “But it gets really tough to figure out what the next ’57 Chevy is,” explaining how that particular car. Source: