Ford Super Duty Vainly Shames A Chevrolet Half-Ton In Tug Of War: Video - GM Authority (blog)

In one corner, a 1994 Ford F-350, and in the opposing corner, what seems to be a late 1970s Chevrolet C/K pickup with a self-described “built 454. ” Regardless, it’s just simply not in the same class as the Ford here. In one of the worst ways to show one’s truck is “tougher” than the other, the two hitch up and prepare for a showdown to see whose truck is truckier than the other truck. The Super Duty Ford takes the more basic Chevy pickup from a dig and begins to drag it across the entire parking lot, while the Chevy’s tires attempt to fight back and propel it the other way. The backstory on this, according to the video’s uploader, is Mr. Chevy was “smack talking the kid” who owns the F-350, when finally Mr. Ford ponied up to the challenge. Kids: can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without them. And so, the Ford vs. Chevy rivalry continues…. I just love it how I get people who say they have built engines and I ask what is the HP and they say 600 HP. Then I ask then what was done to it and I can figure up may be 250-300 HP if they are lucky. Chevy’s last high rail tucked up frame/SFA truck before their cost cutting low slung frame torsion bar design of the 90’s till present. The Chevy kid had that going for. Source: