Lexus IS convertibles to move to the new RC coupe platform by 2016 - Torque News

Lexus IS 250C and IS 350C selling Well. Although 6 percent of sales might not sound very good, the Lexus IS convertibles add up to about 3,000 units per year. Presently, the only convertibles made by the entire Toyota/Lexus/Scion family are the IS 250C and IS 350C. It is possible but unlikely that Lexus will move forward without them. The current 2014 IS 250C, and IS 350C convertibles on sale are not on the new IS platform introduced a year ago. That could happen again, but Lexus has no real reason to create a gap. It could simply make enough of the current style to sell through 2016. The current IS 250C and IS 350C cars are coupes. It just makes sense for Lexus to move the coupe convertibles to the RC family, which of course, are coupes. Hard to tell, but all prior Lexus convertibles have. The SC convertibles had the hard-tops as the IS models now do. The flip side of the obvious advantages to a hard-top convertible is packaging. Although the current IS convertible top is made from aluminum to keep weight manageable. The RC 200C and RC 350C. We predict that the RC 200C and RC 350C will launch in 2016. They will possibly be 2017 model year. Source: