No more car payments? I'm braced for a breakdown - The Globe and Mail

I’m close to paying off my 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan. My last bill is due in September and then that baby is mine, all mine. In life, you can count on two things: death and the fact that your car will self-destruct within seconds of you making the last payment. At birth, each person has a “life-clock” crystal implanted in his or her hand. They all roll off the assembly line with the automotive equivalent of a life-clock. When you make the last payment, the life-clock goes into red alert, telling all the various parts of your automobile that it’s time to break down. For car owners, it’s the last payment. The Grand Caravan is known for having brake issues. com, the 2010 Grand Caravan has 187 complaints. Of these, 73 are for brakes and, of those, 63 are for brakes wearing out prematurely. The Dodge Grand Caravan chews up brakes the way minor league pitchers chew tobacco: at an alarming rate and without concern for the effect the chewing may have on its future well-being. My Grand Caravan has just more than 100,000 kilometres on it. We’ve had to replace the brake system twice – the first time after only 15,000 kilometres. Source: