pols On The Street: Boyle Vs. Sabatina Will Be Battle For 5th Senate Dist. - Philadelphia Public Record

, and when that district found itself morphed into two districts, was able to keep his son in the seat while avoiding an all-out civil war. The other legislator, Ed Neilson, took on a vacant council-at-large seat and won it easily. 11 special election for his old legislative seat is Neilson, having lost his council-at-large seat in this past primary election. In the special election for State Senate in that same primary, Sabatina, Jr. was nominated by the Democratic leaders in the district and won easily, replacing Lt. Gov. Mike Stack who had held that seat – which comes up for reelection in the coming April primary. Sabatina needs to begin running again to win the seat again in the next primary. Brendan Boyle triumphed in a tremendously well-run primary against Dr. Valerie Arkoosh, Sen. Since then, we have become aware there are two political family dynasties blooming in the Far Northeast: the Sabatinas and the Boyles. The Boyles consider the 5 Dist. will be running in the spring primary for the Democratic nomination for that senate seat. Regardless of which of the two, Boyle or Sabatina, receives the Democratic Party state senate endorsement, they will clunk heads together over this seat come Apr. The Boyles have become a household word within the senatorial district, thanks to the successful efforts of Congressman Boyle. Source: www.phillyrecord.com