Hayden Automotive 3651 Adjustable Thermostatic Fan Control

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    Hayden Automotive
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Customer reviews
Two identical failures of Hayden 3651, July 22, 2017
Two purchases failed. Bought first for a new install on a 1966 Mustang restoration - added electric fan to new, larger radiator. Relay worked fine for a little over a year, then started working unreliably. (Note 1-year warranty!) I could wiggle...
Think twice!, June 9, 2015
I went threw hell and back with this thing. First off I went on a road trip to vegas in my 93 GMC k1500 made it there just fine everything was working fine. I got half way home , about 400 miles from home and stopped in a grocery store parking lot...
Works great. The sensor probe being hard wired is a ..., April 29, 2017
Works great. The sensor probe being hard wired is a bit of a joke though. I had to cut and extend mine but also added a weather tight quick disconnect to it.I can't speak for what the other reviews say about burning it up, because I'm...
Product Features
  • Adjustable thermostatic fan control
  • Contains gaskets, o-rings, or seals to properly replace the product
  • For use with Rapid-Cool and super duty electric fans
  • Screw-In Type/Thread-in probe for installation in water jacket or radiator
  • Thread-in probe for installation in water jacket or radiator
  • Zinc coated terminal to resist corrosion
Product Description
It is a premium adjustable fan control with Screw-In Type/Thread-in probe that installs in the radiator fin section. It includes wire harness and air conditioning override relay. It is adjustable from 160 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. It powers two fans up to 30 Amps.