Ford Ranger Might Return to US -

The problem isn't building a "better" truck than Toyota, the problem is selling more. GM has made a very good, better in many ways than the Tacoma, mid size trucks, but the inflated resale values of Toyota's (in general) keep the Tacoma selling way more trucks. I wish it would, that 2. 7 EcoBeast in a smaller and lighter truck would completely embarrass the other mid size rigs. I would like to see a true compact truck with a 4 door and super cab option as well as a regular cab long bed, something similar in size to the original Sport Trac. If they want the Ranger to succeed they should move completely away from the body style of the global Ranger for it to sell well. If Ford came out with the new Ranger that was competitive in looks and capabilities to the Tacoma I would seriously consider. I don't plan to wait until 2018 to purchase my first truck. The article I read say that ford would they could consider it if they could get the vehicle to get 6-8 mpg better then the f150 costed 5-6k less then it as well. For ford to make a truck with that mpg (34mpg hwy) it wouldn't be strong enough for any real capabilities (9000 ish lbs. How many of the full size freaks slammed me when I stated Ford needs the Ranger in the US and it will come back. Source: