Chevrolet Announces 2016 Colorado Midnight Edition -

"Let's paint it black and call it something special. Looks a whole hell of a lot better than when someone goes out and gets a "custom" paint job. It's not a whole lot better than "hey let's put a new grill on a 15 truck platform and call it "all new" like ford was doing for a while. "Naturally, the small pickup will. @Big Al--I have seen a number of 2015 Colorados mostly crew cabs with 4x4. So far the argument that many give that customers will not buy a well optioned midsize truck has not been accurate. I have seen a few extended cab Colorados but mostly crew cabs. I saw a sharp looking 2015 4x4 crew cab Canyon in gray. I was never a fan of all black wheels unless they had some contrasting highlights or the color of the vehicle was a non black high contrast color. This special edition doesn't look bad, but like what was mentioned above, a few splashes of silver/chrome/brushed aluminum trim highlights would make it look much more elegant and classy. At least they could do is paint the fake skidplate trim panel on the lower front bumper grill area a silver or brushed aluminum color. Blacked out trucks as you have pointed out. Source: