Police Beat - Chippewa Herald

The district manager was talking to the employee when a Menomonie police officer arrived at the store around 11 p. m. on July 24. The manager told the officer that the employee, Anthony Woods, was seen on video putting three full cartons of... Woods said he was stealing cigarettes for people in exchange for drugs. He said he stole cigarettes every three or four shifts for the past two months, totaling about 15 cartons. The cartons of cigarettes cost $62. 29 each, an estimated total value of $249. 16. Woods was arrested for theft. Upon searching Woods, the officer found a clear glass bowl that Woods said was used for smoking methamphetamine. Nothing funny about spray paint message “LOL” was spray painted on the ground in several places near Seventh Street East in Menomonie. The Menomonie Police Department was contacted by a woman who noticed the spray paint in front of her home in the 1000 block of Seventh Street East. The same paint was also found in the middle and on the sidewalk of Seventh Street East, at the intersection of Seventh Street East and 11th Avenue East, and in several areas on 11th Avenue East. Source: chippewa.com