The 2015 Barrett Jackson Auctions in Scottsdale - Automobile

Feature Car: 1973 Jaguar XK-E 2+2. Sold At $135,300. S/N UD1S74974. This original California delivery car is equipped with traditional wire wheels and all-important air-conditioning. This is one of 7,297 Series 3 2+2 Coupes produced between 1971 and 1975. The Story Behind the Sale It’s hard to imagine the impact that the Jaguar E-type (properly referred to as “XK-E” in the U. S. ) had in the marketplace when it was introduced... As the original Series 1 car morphed into the Series 2 in 1968, many practical changes were made, but the car kept its overall shape and dimensions. With the introduction of the Series 3 in 1971, however, things changed. The Series 3 featured Jaguar’s newly developed 5. 3-liter V-12, yet this car has not been considered as collectible as the Series 1 or 2. Notorious for quality problems, it was named by Time as one of the “50 Worst Cars of All Time. ” The magazine further said of the modified shape, “Imagine taking one of the world’s most beautiful cars and sticking it in a taffy puller. All the V-12 gremlins of 1975 are an easy fix, and drivers of the big and tall persuasion can actually fit behind the wheel of a Series 3. This price would be big money for an E-type roadster. Expect to see more Jaguar XK-E Series 3 cars cross the $100,000. Source: