2006 BMW M6 - CNET Reviews

Coming hot on the heels of our recent test of the M5 , our brief time with the 2006 BMW M6 was especially enjoyable as we had already learned enough of the Sequential Manual Gearbox's behavior to really tap into the M6's performance. Performance in both cars is startling but kept doable with stability control, adjustable damping, and numerous engine and transmissions modes. As with most current BMWs, styling is a controversial issue, and the rear end of the M6 makes an easy target: in our time with the car we heard it compared with a bathtub and a tramp's hat. BMW provides a comprehensive roster of technophile goodies, most of which we've seen in other BMWs: iDrive is the now-familiar--if unloved--main cabin control interface. Bluetooth integration is offered along with voice control of other interior systems. Major options include the heads-up display ($1,000) that we saw in the M5, Sepang Merino leather ($3,500), comfort access ($1,000), high-definition radio ($500), and carbon-fiber interior trim ($300). With a stiff gas guzzler penalty of $3,000 and... Source: www.cnet.com