The Cadillac ATS-V Will Totally Track Day, Bro - Jalopnik

To be frank I was actually more excited to drive Monticello Motor Club, as I heard good things about the circuit, than I was to drive the ATS-V. It’s not that I wasn’t looking forward to driving it. It’s more that the ATS-V had kind of snuck beneath my radar, so I didn’t really have any built up expectations. It’s like that sleeper movie (the original Pirates of the Caribbean comes to mind) that you initially dismiss, but after the buzz continues for several weeks you decide to take a second look and, hey, it turns out to be really great. The ATS-V is the Pirates of the Caribbean of performance cars. Once the Caddy folks released us assembled journalists from our media/safety briefing, there was a mad rush to the door to the paddock where the cars were parked. When the dust settled, the sole remaining car was a rather forlorn looking sedan. However, a quick look inside revealed why this particular car was avoided like the check. Resigned to my automatic fate, I gave the car the once over in the paddock and found some encouraging signs. As I was looking to find the button to disable traction control, the very helpful Cadillac engineer pulled up the menu display for the Performance Traction Management. Source: