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Sometimes, it's clear from the moment we see an all-new car: That one is a great idea. It can take three years or more for an automaker to take an idea from the first sketch to production. Ideas that seemed great at the start can look not so great when the new car finally hits the market. Or maybe they look great for a while, but not so great after competitors have had a chance to respond. And sometimes, that great-seeming idea really just wasn't so great after all. John Rosevear : When General Motors first took the wraps off a concept car called the Cadillac Converj, in 2009, it seemed like a brilliant idea. GM's designers took the underpinnings of the soon-to-be-launched Chevrolet Volt, and wrapped them in a gorgeous, futuristic coupe loaded with top-shelf luxury features. The plug-in Cadillac Converj seemed like a great idea when former GM vice-chairman Bob Lutz first unveiled it in 2009. But by the time it got to market as the ELR in 2014, its moment had passed. The Volt's development program continued on schedule, but its upscale Cadillac sibling got put on the back burner amid GM's ongoing post-bankruptcy turmoil. After the car's internal champion, former GM vice chairman Bob Lutz, retired, it seemed like the Converj would be left behind, just another show car that maybe could have been something special. Source: www.fool.com