Iowa business Republicans still sitting on sidelines -

Dennis Albaugh wanted to do something to help Jeb Bush, so he hosted a fundraiser featuring the GOP presidential candidate last week at his grand estate in Ankeny, opening up his personal museum containing every Chevrolet convertible built... But when asked if he's ready to pledge commitment to Bush, Albaugh isn't quite ready. "Right now I'm very much a Jeb supporter," said Albaugh, an agricultural chemical manufacturer and one of Iowa's most successful entrepreneurs. It's a common refrain among business Republicans in Iowa five months out from the first-in-the-nation presidential vote. The Iowa Straw Poll used to be a visible goal line toward which campaigns worked, egging Iowans to commit early. But with that seminal mid-August event canceled, the goal posts are further out, and Republicans feel they have more breathing room for their whittling work. And with 17 possibilities in the 2016 race, Iowa GOP'ers are finding it takes a long time to get familiar with biographies, current. Source: