One clear sign your Android has a virus - Charleston Post Courier

Hackers around the world work day and night to figure out ways to break into your Android smartphone to collect personal, private information. Just think of how much confidential information is stored in your Android gadget, including bank accounts, passwords, emails, social media and probably more. Crooks can take this information to steal your identity, steal from your bank account and can even sell your information on the black market. Even with security measures and programs, your Android gadget can fall to crafty hackers. Malicious apps installed on your Android not only steal your personal information, but they can also drain your gadget’s battery life. Helpful apps like Battery Doctor can help you diagnose exactly which apps are sucking up your battery’s charge. But how do you know when an evil hacker has taken over your Android gadgets. Data usage like crazy To see if your phone has been pirated by hackers in some far-off land, the first step is to just look at your monthly data usage. Compare the data used since you suspect you got a virus to data used from the prior few months. Source: