Chris Brewer: GMC's Denali great for work or date night - Florida Times-Union

Over the past decade or so, the full-size pickup truck has evolved from a utilitarian work machine to a vehicle that is equally welcome on date night. Driving characteristics have also transitioned from the long stereotypical hard-to-handle box on wheels to a great-handling vehicle with a comfortable ride that rivals many full-size sports sedans. Spending a week with GMC’s 2015 Sierra 1500 Denali Crew Cab solidified my opinion that pickup trucks are now decidedly mainstream. The luxurious Jet Black Denali interior — with its comfortable leather-appointed seats, nicely accented trim, and abundant soft-touch materials — looked and felt in every way like an oversized luxury SUV, minus the third-row seating, of course. The exterior of the 2015 Sierra Denali boasts an incredibly overstated chrome grille, with the bright red GMC logo front and center — so enormous that you have to wonder if perhaps GMC should be sending you a monthly rental fee for displaying the... The Sierra’s brightly polished 20-inch aluminum wheels, chrome trim, and rocker panel-mounted 6-inch chrome assist-steps complete the styling package, wonderfully complementing the Iridium Metallic paint. WATCH VIDEO: Another take on 2015 GMC Sierra Denali. Source: