Chevrolet Pickup Drag Racer Loses Luck, Tire At The Starting Line: Video - GM Authority (blog)

As much as we love drag racing and the pursuit of speed, every now and again a video like this comes along and reminds us just how dangerous our much-loved, speed-based hobby can be. It starts out innocently enough, during a grudge race at Outlaw... A 3,000 hp twin turbo Camaro trundles up into the far lane while a blown Chevrolet pickup sipping E85 warms up the tires and rolls onto his mark. Meanwhile, the truck’s right rear tires gently rolls across the track, striking the tire wall just inches from the lens of the cameraman from 1320video. Watch the Camaro fly down the track and picture it losing a wheel near the end of the 1,320. Yup, something tells us the driver of the pickup knows he got lucky this time around. Source: