GM Leads Pack in Recalled Car Models - TIME

General Motors has issued more recalls on more of its models than any other auto manufacturer since 2004, according to a TIME analysis of federal safety data . In last ten years, GM has recalled an individual model for a specific issue 756 times. This chart visualizes every major auto company’s recalled models in the United States since 2004. (The measurement is number of recalls issued, not number of vehicles affected. Some companies use the same name for make and model (like Volvo) while others have multiple brands, like GM’s Chevrolet and Cadillac. On Tuesday, the company’s CEO Mary Barra will appear before Congress to answer questions about her company’s handling of the latest round of recalls. Of course, auto companies can recall vehicles for a variety of reasons, from trivial defects to major safety hazards. In the past several days, General Motors has dramatically stepped up voluntary recalls of its vehicles over a variety of electrical and other issues, bringing its total recalled vehicle count for 2014 to 6 million- -a move widely seen as an... Source: