Bosch BE655H Blue Disc Brake Pad Set with Hardware for Select Dodge Ram 1500/2500 Van and Ford E-150, E-250, E-350 Econoline and Super Duty Vans, F-250, F-350, F-350 - FRONT/REAR

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Product Features
  • Superior noise dampening provided by OE-style multi-layer shims
  • Slots and chamfers match OE design for quick and easy installation
  • Rust inhibitive coating prevents rust
  • For DODGE: 1999-03 Ram 2500 Van, 2000 Ram 3500 Van; FORD: 2003-07 E-250, 1995-02 E-250 Econoline, 2004-05 E-250 Super Duty, 2003-05 E-350 Club Wagon, 1995-07 E-350 Econoline, 1995-02 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon
  • Advanced, platform specific Semi-Metallic friction material formulation for optimal performance
  • Set includes pads and hardware for 1 axle (2 wheels) and synthetic lubricant for reduced resistance on sliding contact points; pads come wrapped in a protective blue shop towel within the box