Recall Alert: 2013 Nissan NV200 -

@Dave, Chevrolet shouldn't be tied to this crap. GMC/GM is an evil organization run by Liberal's in disguise. Chevrolet is a true Independent's and Patriots company. Or at least it was decades ago before big daddy (Big Brother) GM (Government Motors) ruined them. Thanks to Obama, GMC/GM and their evil empire is alive and well sucking the taxpayer dry. A GMC brand truck purchase is like another vote for Obama. The Denali trim should have gone to Chevrolet Motors where it belonged in the first place and GMC/GM should have gone bankrupt and closed. Sad to say, a true American would be better of buying one of these Nissan's or a Toyota if they are concerned with American parts content and assembly. Chevrolet was the real deal way back when, GMC/GM destroyed em. Voltage , really. GM is a bad deal all around. GMC IE:GM sucks. We rooted for Chevrolet and even Cadillac too since it was the start of Michigan but not now. Chevrolet enthusiasts can THANK GovtMoCo for that. NO company NEEDS TWO DAMN TRUCKS. gm SHOULD HAVE died. I don't understand what the problem is. GM is a global company. China is poised to be the biggest car market in the world in the next couple years. GM already sells more cars in China than here in the US. Why. Source: