Spied: 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 - PickupTrucks.com

It would take a well trained eye to spot the differences between the current generation of product and the 2017 refresh. Since the current generation of GM half tons came to the market a couple of years ago, we've been told that the real exciting stuff was going to appear in the next upgrade. Must've decided that the new F150 was a little more of a competitor than they originally thought. Considering how much flack they got for the laziness of this current redesign, this lines up with the assumption that they underestimated the F150. It certainly doesn't look like a huge change, much like Ford's midcycle refresh of the F150 in... Sure they'll be right behind it. I love their current commercials really touting high-strength roll formed steel and how durable and tough it is. Curious how they'll tout the aluminum when that happens. Will this one look a bit less like a mid-2000s Super Duty. unless it has the new 10 speed or a new engine. "Considering how much flack they got for the laziness of this current redesign. They updated all engines, new exterior, new. Source: news.pickuptrucks.com