The 26 new cars that owners ranked the highest -

) The C-Max and the Kia Soul were the only cars to beat the segment average, according to J. D. Power. Consumer Reports praises the 2015 C-Max for its spaciousness, comfortable ride and fuel economy, but points out its below-average reliability. Segment: Compact Sporty Car. The MINI Cooper is a rally car born and bred. The MINI’s base price ranges from $20,700 to $36,250. The rally version is seen above racing across the dunes during the 2013 Dakar Rally in South America. Segment: Large Heavy Duty Pickup. Winner: GMC Sierra HD. The Sierra HD has been updated for 2015 with enhanced performance, tech, and utility, according to J. D. Power. Segment: Large Light Duty Pickup. Winner: Ford F-150. The redesigned Ford F-150 has aluminum body panels that makes it 700 lbs lighter than previous versions. It is available in either two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive and offers four engine choices. Consumer Report s praised the F-150 for offering “unique and handy features” including a surround-view camera and a tailgate ladder, but said the F-150 still has a ways to go to reach the fuel efficiency of its rivals. Source: