The BMW X6 M is definitely one of the weirdest cars I've ever driven - Business Insider

I'm not sure that it's even a BMW, given my experience of looking at the German automaker's luxury cars. This is what the BMW X6 M is: a "sport activity coupe," or SAC. BMW has pretty well owned the SAC space, although last year Mercedes rolled out its GLE Coupe to challenge the bimmermeisters for supremacy. There's the standard-issue X6, and there's the X6 M, given more warp and woof (much, much more woof) by BMW's M performance division. The run-of-the-mill X6 starts at about $61,000, but once the M dudes get finished with the car, BMW will sell it to you for $115,000 — nicely equipped, as in the case of the "Long Beach blue metallic" version with "Aragon brown full merino... But then you'd be deprived of a driving experience so strange that, well, you'll feel incomplete. That is, if you need to drive an un-SUV four-door super-coupe that can give you whiplash if you aren't careful with the throttle. a car that should inspire confidence going around corners but with a curb weight of 5,300 pounds and the stance of a draught horse crossed with Optimus Prime, doesn't. This car's middle name is "GO. ". Breaking up. Actually, all of its names are "GO. " The g's come quick — quickest if you're in "Sport Plus" mode. Source: