Why Yes, We Teach - The Chattanoogan

Anyone out here in the real world, the world of profits and losses and returns on investment, who works with others, particularly in supervisory or lead roles, most certainly is, like it or not and whether we're called one or not, a teacher. Anyone who's developed skills, especially craft skills, is a teacher and mentor to the young whippers coming up and into the field… as is anyone charged with the responsibility of building and installing some el spiffo system, then training... Some are more effective than others and some lessons are more obvious than others, but the fact remains. we're all teachers. We keep hearing that teachers shouldn't be held accountable for students' failure, that unlike industry they're stuck with the raw material they're given, there's no way to implement a quality control system, they don't have 24/7/365. 25 influence... I've known a lot of teachers over the years, spent a good bit of time in classrooms as an observer, worked with quite a few former teachers, and even though agreeing. Source: www.chattanoogan.com