Thousands of Trucks Are Eligible for Buyback Over Defective Steering. Is Yours ... -

Fiat Chrysler has agreed to buy back up to half a million Dodge Ram pickup trucks after some repairs that were performed as a result of recalls proved unsuccessful. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the recalled trucks have defective steering parts that can cause drivers to lose control of the vehicle, the Associated Press reported. In addition to the Dodge Rams, Chrysler is also allowing consumers to trade in their older jeeps or have the automaker pay for the necessary repairs to fix the rear-mounted gas tanks that could cause fires if the vehicles get hit from the back. However, Ram owners don’t have to sell their trucks back if they don’t want to. While the automaker has agreed to buy them back from the consumers who don’t want them anymore, it is also offering to pay them back for repairs that have proved... The settlement includes a $70 million fine, $20 million for outreach to let customers know about the recall and $15 million if the automaker violates any of the deal’s requirements. Dodge Ram models that are being included in the buyback are Ram 1500s from 2009 to 2012, Ram 1500 Mega Cab 4 by 4 from 2008 Ram 2500 4 by 4, 3500 4 by 4, 4500 4 by 4, and 5500 4 by 4 from 2008-2012. 2009 Chrysler Aspen, Dodge Durango SUVs and the... Source: