1949 2DW Willys Pickup - Wicked Willys: Part 7 - Four Wheeler Network

There's still a long way to go, but at least we've gotten a chance to roll the Jeep out of the garage and back into some natural light. As said in previous installments, lots of things have happened recently to slow this huge project to a trickle, but don't fret, we're on it, and you can bet that we want this truck done as much as any of you. The past couple of days have been busy, and we finally got the old girl back on her sexy BFG tires and out of the garage. First, we wanted to get the truck outside to a place where we could temporarily install the bed. The second reason we wanted the truck out of the garage was we wanted to move it to the other side of the garage. It gave us a chance to clean up the garage a little and will also allow us to roll the truck in and out of the garage (despite another driveway project). This will allow us to pull the cab and probably the bed so we can install the 505ci Dodge RB, NP435, and a NP203/NP205 Doubler with adapters from Offroad Design. There's more to this installment of Wicked Willys Part 7 than rolling the Jeep out of the garage. We geared and locked the axles, front and rear using parts from G2, Eaton, Summit, and Offroad Design. We also started tinkering with the big ol' Dodge RB, installing a few parts from Summit Racing in hopes that soon we can marry it to the drivetrain and stab the whole shebang between those TJ frame rails. Source: www.fourwheeler.com