All-new Nissan Navara continues an 80-year bloodline -

Known for its robustness and reliability, the Datsun/Nissan compact truck began life as a pickup variant from its Datsun 13 compact sedan in the mid-1930s and slowly evolved into what is the Nissan Navara / Frontier pickup truck of today. Known initially in the US and other major markets as the Datsun brand, Nissan was the pioneer in small trucks that started with the Datsun 13T (T for truck) model, based from its Datsun 13 sedan model. By 1935, it introduced the Datsun 14T model with a new Datsun Type 7 engine that features a slightly more powerful 15 horsepower 722cc engine that is capable of doing a top speed of 80kph, which was considered fast during those times. By 1936, the newer Datsun 15T model was introduced. Overall length was increased to 3,187mm. By 1938, its last iteration, the Datsun 17T was introduced. Using the same engine as the 15T, body styling varied slightly and had lesser chrome trims due to the scarcity of raw materials due to the Second World War and this model remained in production until January 1944. After production resumed after a... Source: