A 1986 Double Murder Cold Case in the Mojave Desert Is Finally Unraveling - LA Weekly

Desert campers who hung out with the couple the day they vanished had no clue that Barry was heir apparent to a vast fortune. In 1960, when Barry was 10, his father segued into real estate by buying private Lake Arrowhead, a vast mountain hideaway for Southern California gentry such as the O'Malleys and Dohenys. Nearly three years after Barry and Louise Berman vanished, setting off one of the most elaborate searches of its era, the couple's bleached bones and bits of clothing were discovered after a desert hiker spotted a skull, uncovered by heavy rains. Retired Inyo County Sheriff's deputy Leon Boyer, who has lived with the baffling case for three decades, today says, "You can't commit a homicide and get away with it. ". But for the longest time, the killer has gotten away with it. Now, spurred... Lead investigator Dan Williams says they have a "super strong person of interest," after the Weekly linked the unsolved desert murders to a modern atrocity: sexual predator Michael Joseph Pepe and his sentencing in Los Angeles in 2014 for vicious... Source: www.laweekly.com